Useful Hacks to Save Time on Instagram: Part Two

Useful Hacks to Save Time on Instagram: Part Two

Time is precious especially if you are an Instagram marketer. To grow an effective marketing strategy on this social media economizing the time and use the saved time productively, there are several tips to adhere to. In one of our previous posts, we started the topic and discussed the first four points. Now it’s the time to finish the list and let you know all the hacks you can use. But before that, let us explain how you can benefit from the cooperation with InstaBF. This is the service that offers different packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views and followers on affordable conditions.

So, let’s get down to work.


Schedule IG Stories


Scheduling feed posts is not any news. However, did you know you can schedule Stories, too? Using a third-party application, it is possible to storyboard content, add links and captions and schedule the Stories right from the desktop. Just imagine how much time this will save you! The images to post can be cropped and resized, filters added. The scheduled stories will be copied to your smartphone and once the time to post them comes you will get a notification. Just remember to choose the date and time from the menu for the Stories to be posted.

By the way, most of these applications are free.


Gather and Save Hashtags


According to the statistics, posts with hashtags get around 13% more engagement than those without hashtags. Accordingly, it will be strategically more expedient to include hashtags under every post. Google Sheets could be used to organize hashtags according to appropriate headers and use them once necessary. Those categories could be filled out actively whenever you found new tags suiting your brand. Today the same can be done with the help of third-party applications. These are, as a rule, easy-to-use and time-saving methods of keeping effective hashtags at hand.


Export Reports on Instagram Analytics


Running an Instagram account on business purposes requires constant measure tracking. You should always be aware of how this or that content performs so that to make the necessary changes. This way you’ll adopt a better strategy for the future.

Nevertheless, producing a monthly report is a manual process that demands quite much time and efforts. You must dig into the Insights and handpick each statistic to track over time. If all this sounds inconvenient, search for an alternative way of exporting your monthly Instagram analytics reports. Such third-party applications as Later, for instance, can be really great! From the app’s dashboard, it’s possible to download CSV files on such crucial metrics as the Profile Growth, Discovery Metrics, etc. The latter will help you track your profile growth and the changes it has undergone.



Create Quick Replies for Common Direct Messages


Do you use a customer service tool for your Instagram business account? If yes, your DM inbox must be filled with identical questions. It’s very important to be as fast with responses as possible. Hence, don’t miss your chance to accept any help from aside. Create Quick Replies with Instagram, for instance. The latter allows to set up messages for the most frequently asked questions and then reply to them with just a single click. Just go to Instagram settings, business settings, and quick replies. Tapping the “+” button, write a quick reply. All that you need to do is to type the shortcut you have created beforehand in the response. When tapping the blue Quick Replies button, you will see the message written and it will appear automatically.

Useful Hacks to Save Time on Instagram: Part One

Useful Hacks to Save Time on Instagram: Part One

If you are an Instagram brand who searches for a way to appear more productive on this social media and save time, you are welcome to InstaBF’s blog. In fact, it doesn’t require a ton of time to build efficient marketing with creative content and a strong strategy to grow your Instagram following. Now we are going to discuss the top ten tips on how you can be successful on Instagram while saving much time. With our help, you can get more focused on bigger business goals.



Use Presets for Editing Instagram Images


It’s not a secret that for gaining more followers and creating strong brand awareness, it’s necessary to have a recognizable Instagram aesthetic across both stories and feed. For instance, if you opt for a cool, minimalist and muted approach, you should keep it on all images and videos posted. Agree that editing all pictures one by one requires much time and efforts especially when using a professional photo editor like Photoshop. Fortunately, presets offer an easy and quick way of achieving a cohesive aesthetic on your Insta feed. These are one-click image editing tools that drastically speed up any workflow giving Insta images a professional look. Among the handiest tools are VSCO and Adobe Lightroom CC App.



Use Visual Planners for Grids


Once you have aesthetically pleasant images for your Insta feed, it’s time to think about the right grid format. Ideally, Instagram posts should be planned around two or three weeks in advance. Only this way you’ll be able to picture how your photos will look side by side, as well as on top and below one another when posted. So, the quickest way of planning an Instagram feed in advance and being sure it will always look fresh is using an Instagram Visual Planner. With such a tool, you can upload your edited pictures, generate what your feed will look like and finally schedule them to publish automatically on the feed.



Create a Week’s Worth of Caption in Advance


Have you ever had a lack of ideas when facing the need to write an interesting caption? Believe us, you are not alone. A good caption is key to attracting more people to view your post and gain many likes, shares, and comments. This is the true way to appearing on Instagram’s Explore Page. And a good caption with an effective CTA will only boost that.

To save time on writing a caption, do that in advance. Once you start writing one, you will get the creative juices flowing and be able to write a weeks’ worth of caption content. And the moment you are to post a caption, it will be great to have it ready and stored right in your gadget. Besides, once you have your captions written and edited, you’ll be able to set every post to auto-publish.



Templates Will Help You Design Stories


Have you ever wondered how major brands such as Monday, Summer Fridays, etc. create amazing Instagram Stories on a daily basis? If you want the same for your brand yet have a small budget, you can still do that. For this, you don’t need any graphic design team. All that you need is an appropriate Instagram Story template. Templates are pre-made layouts with text, graphics, animations that can be edited to every story. If you choose the same templates (or at least similar) for all Stories, cohesive stories will align with your business. Make use of such applications as Unfold, Canva, Over, etc.