Plan Your Pride Month Campaign with InstaBF

Plan Your Pride Month Campaign with InstaBF

Every June many collective voices come together to celebrate the Pride Month and support LGBTQIA+ community. This is a wonderful occasion for brands on Instagram to use and raise their awareness while also supporting LGBTQIA+ members. Big brands know well that a successful Pride campaign is not merely adding a rainbow to a logo. It involves a series of actions the presence of which leads to success. Perhaps this frightens small brands which don’t have big budgets to spend on Pride Month. Anyway, here at a leading IG and IGTV provider InstaBF’s blog, we believe that all brands should give back and cover much deeper aspects of managing a Pride campaign for their benefit. Feel excited? Remain tuned to get all the helpful tips:



Start with Education


Although being a celebration, an effective Pride campaign is based on awareness and education. The 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan was the starting point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the States. The Pride Month is today celebrated in June to honor it. There is definitely much more to educate your followers about Pride Month. Write and post about the colors of the flag, the origin, the participants of the Movement, etc. 



Ask Members of LGBTQIA+ to Get Involved in the Campaign


If you don’t have an LGBTQIA+ team member, ask one to get involved in your campaign. Having real voices raising awareness is a win-win way to get to people’s hearts. Moreover, the understanding and passion the people from inside have can become a powerful asset in communicating with other social users within the theme. 



Tell Real Engaging Stories


In fact, an Instagram profile is a powerful platform in reaching people with various stories including LGBTQIA+. You can share your own story (if you have one) or those of your community that may encourage people to be frank with themselves and their beloved ones. It’s crucial to be authentic in the approach you take to the “pride” content. Share only real stories (better by the story-owners) and ask people to comment with their own stories, as well. The stories can be anything you like from funny ones to heartfelt cases. 



Give Back to Pride Charities and Organizations


It’s really very important to always give back to those charities and organizations which are doing great work for LGBTQIA+ rights. Accordingly, in case you have undertaken to sell a product for Pride Month, remember to devote a certain percentage from the income to the local LGBTQIA+ community. 



Make Inclusivity the Core of the Campaign 


Inclusivity must be the core of your marketing campaign. Include people regardless of any margins. Make underrepresented voices heard through your Instagram profile. Don’t look at the gender, race, class, nationality, sexual orientation or any other trait that might be differentiating. All this will help you get a wider-community for your brand. 



Let Influencers Spread a Word about Your Pride Month Campaign 


Collaborating with influencers always gives its results. These Instagram celebrities can spread awareness for your campaign way better than anything else. And if you can have an Instagram influencer from the LGBTQIA+ community speak about your campaign, that will play to your favor even more!