Amazing Instagram Accounts for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Amazing Instagram Accounts for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Instagram is such a broad and fantastic source of inspiration for all women and especially those who are going to become mothers in the near future. Let’s admit that this social platform is a good source of not only fashion or beauty pictures, but also an ideal online sphere for birth photographers and doulas to share their most thrilling works. With this said, you are sure to have guessed that InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to address some of the best Instagram accounts for pregnancy and childbirth.



Jayden Freud is a birth photographer and filmmaker popular on Instagram with her @cradledcreations account. She is based in Vancouver and shares such magnificent images that seem to be real pieces of art! Each of the images posted tells a unique story of trust, emotion, empowerment, and finally triumph! On this account, you will find a bunch of maternity, delivery, and even birth photos. Additionally, Jayden Freud got the first prize in the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers in 2017.





Who said that such a tender theme as pregnancy or maternity can’t look provoking? If you are after some really striking photos, head to @stopcensoringmotherhood. This account belongs to @4thTriBodies campaign that smashes the patriarchy and you can always join it by simply using #stopcensoringmotherhood.




Childbirth is always a remarkable phenomenon and when it occurs in not so familiar conditions as we are used to, it is even more thrilling. In works by Alegra Ally, you can witness indigenous women during pregnancy and early maternity. This photographer is actually an ethnographer. She shares photos from the Yamal Peninsula, Palawan, Papua New Guinea, and Namibia. These posts can help a woman expand her ideas of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.





Angela Gallo is known in Melbourne (and all over the internet due to her @angelawombwarrior Instagram account) as a mentor, photographer, and doula. She has a one-of-a-kind funky style and through all her images devoted to such an amazing feminine theme as pregnancy and maternity, you can feel her feministic approach. In fact, this artist is able to smash the patriarchy on her own! The account is filled with not only her own images as a mother, a business trainer and a doula, but also birth images of others.





There are few such unique Instagram accounts as Tribe de Mama. The latter is significant for connecting women from around the world through such crucial aspects of their existence as femininity and motherhood. There’s also an online digital magazine Tribe de Mama in which they approach the most important topics that interest particularly women. Their Instagram account includes their original, as well as shared images each of which is gorgeous!




Another prominent photographer capturing the whole beauty and significance of pregnancy and maternity is Melissa Jean from Australia. All her works are easily recognized due to the warm colors, glitters and an out-of-the-box approach to showcasing the bright side of maternity!