Personalization: The “Next Big Thing” is Social Media Marketing for 2019

Personalization: The “Next Big Thing” is Social Media Marketing for 2019

Social media marketing sounds attractive yet is far not easy to run. Marketers keep on searching new methods and tricks to make their social media marketing campaigns with Instagram, in particular, more efficient and productive. Specialists of the industry state that personalized social media engagement is rapidly becoming the latest must-have strategy for all businesses regardless of the size in 2019. As researches show, the greatest part of consumers (over 80%) are more inclined to doing business with companies which offer a personalized experience. Instagram users strive to interact with their preferred brands on a personal level and demand to be treated not as faceless consumers but as individuals. And if customers demand brands have to obey them! Do you wonder exactly how you can create a personalized Instagram experience for your brand? InstaBF, a famous Instagram and IGTV provider, is today here to give an answer to your question. We shall explain it through the example of the remarkable Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. This brand is a pro in delivering amazing personal experiences to all its customers whether online or offline.



The Significance of Human-to-Human Interactions


There can be no denial that technology plays a tremendous part of the behind-the-scenes of social marketing, yet, as a professional business, Kimpton realizes it well that without personalizing their strategy, they will hardly achieve any success. For this, they have created the Social Listening Desk which is online 24 hours a day, and 365 days in a year! This way they can ensure no Instagram follower and customer remains unattended on the social platform. Besides, their workers are encouraged to appear original in making the brand’s followers feel special! Kimpton values the technical skills and knowledge of social platforms in its workers highly, yet, when hiring a new team member, it makes the emphasis on their sense of humor, empathy and appearing hearty on the other side of online chatting.

So, this should become a part of your marketing strategy, in case you want to compete with other brands in the upcoming year.



User-Generated Content Enhances Your Brand’s Personalized Experience


Kimpton, just as any other skillful brand, puts much emphasis on its customers, hence actively uses UGC in its strategy both across its website and Instagram.

According to the brand’s social media director, they regularly get hundreds of interesting guest photos taken in the brand’s 148 hotels and restaurants via hashtags, mentions, and geo-tags. They know it well that the first action of most of their guests is taking their cameras and having a nice picture of their experience in the hotel room or restaurant. To encourage this, the brand rewards its customers with Likes and thank-you comments. And once there is a post that Kimpton loves particularly, they do always ask permission to repost it.

Additionally, Kimpton has a special photo gallery on its website and the Instagram page with all the images of the brand’s hotels and restaurants tagged.


Make Use of Social Media Personalization in 2019


Once you start reaching your Instagram audiences with personalized messages and experiences, your business will start registering real wonders! This is far not about your big budget or what content you deliver to your audience. Personalization is all about the way you communicate with your customers and followers. As a business depending on its customers, you should approach each of them as an individual respecting their habits, their preferences and personalities. Once you learn how to deliver each message with care, you can expect the same approach in return.

Take these recommendations into consideration and your Instagram marketing will be a success in 2019!