Myths That Hold You Back From Instagram

Myths That Hold You Back From Instagram

Have you been thinking about promoting your business on Instagram yet are afraid of the myths spread? But don’t you think that they can all be simple rumors not worth a penny?! InstaBF will now debunk all the widespread myths about using Instagram platform for marketing purposes so that you can confidently build your brand here.

Myth #1: Being an Expert Photographer is a Must

Obviously, Instagram is a visual marketing arena and quality photos/videos play a decisive role. However, this does not mean you have to be a professional photographer to take wonderful images. If you can afford to outsource the creation of your content, then do it. Yet, you can achieve impressive results yourself by devoting some time and energy. Implement some affordable editing applications. They will add style and tone to your images. And whenever you feel like running low, make use of some stunning stock photo websites. They will help you supplement your Instagram feed from time to time.

Myth #2: Instagram is Time-Consuming

Another myth that has probably reached you is that Instagram implies consistent posting and it’s time-consuming. Perhaps you have also heard that it takes years to get a large following. Both points are false as long as you act wisely. Surely consistency is the key toward success in Instagram, yet it won’t take you more time than you can devote. You do have to show some effort on your part, yet working out a good strategy, you can minimize the time needed. There are also special tools that will help you plan out a week’s worth of content (images, videos, stories, etc.) only in about half an hour. This way you will be able to keep a consistent presence on Instagram for your followers and provide them with fresh content every day by not having to spend long hours. This, in its turn, will attract more and more followers.

On the other hand, there is a good offer by InstaBF to drastically grow the number of your followers without causing any doubt among already existing ones. Order the pack of likes, comments, views, and followers, that you believe can help your profile stand out. All the profiles are real looking and 100% safe!

Myth #3: Making Sales and Capturing Leads is Impossible

Despite the only one clickable link in the profile, there are still other ways of using Instagram for driving traffic and selling goods. First, make sure your captions are action-oriented. This way your followers will be attracted to click on the URL stated in your bio. There are also special features (, for instance) that will help to make your bio’s link a shoppable feed. By clicking on that link, a follower is taken to the landing page with your all feeds and posts displayed as clickable images. And once one clicks on one of them, he is immediately redirected to your brand website or any other URL you need.

Myth #4: Picking up a Strategy Is not Mandatory

As we all remember, Instagram was set as a social media that documented the everyday life of its users. However, the moment brands and companies realized that Instagram is a perfect platform to directly communicate with their target audience, obtaining a strategy became more sensible. Acquiring a keen plan for actions, you can make your everyday posts via stories look casual yet, at the same time, achieve your marketing goals.