Five Rudest Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Five Rudest Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Running a successful Instagram marketing campaign is a real art. It requires great concentration, as well as deep knowledge of the industry and skills. However, not having enough marketing experience, we quite frequently make mistakes. And there are some mistakes that our competitors can’t but wait to see us make! Would you like to know particularly which fails can ruin your Instagram marketing campaign and make your rivals open a bottle of champagne? Let InstaBF disclose them for you. But before that, we’d like to remind that you can rely on InstaBF for Instagram and IGTV likes, comments and new followers.

Now, let’s turn back to the worst Instagram marketing mistakes.



Stock Photography


Using stock photography is a rude mistake for any Instagram influencer or business. This makes the profile look like that of an amateur and not professional. Real life, that’s the core of a successful Instagram feed. It’s better to take a photo, edit and glamorize it than use stock photography. The latter is possible only for print and website advertising. Instagram, just as any other social media requires originality, especially when it is possible to create grandiose unique photos just with your smartphone.



Lazy Copywriting


The fact that Instagram is majorly a visual platform doesn’t imply you can neglect the captions. Particularly the latter gives the necessary tone and context to the image posted, as well as supports the brand voice. Accordingly, vapid and obvious captions can become the next major mistake of your Instagram marketing campaign.  



Improper Hashtags


What can help people outside of your followers find your feed? That’s right – the hashtags you use. And if you thought using the most popular hashtags would help to attract more followers, you are completely… wrong! If you accept that such hashtags (#love has multiple posts per a second) are too widely used for your post to be noticed, you would turn rather to more relevant and niche tags than popular ones.

Additionally, using the same tags won’t be of any good, either. It will bring you the same audience from one side, and make Instagram algorithm think that you are spamming on the other.



Inconsistent Posting


Consistency is the key to gaining the trust of your audience. This way they know when to expect fresh content and look forward to it. Besides, not following the peak time for your followers, won’t have any positive effect on your reputation, either. Avoid this mistake to keep your Instagram business account prosper further.



Follow for Follow and Like for Like


Obviously, numbers on Instagram matter a lot. Yet, having a huge number of followers with low engagement is of no use. A great number of followers has a great value as long as you have an authentic audience. Therefore, you’d better avoid or drop (if you’ve already undertaken) the game follow for following, or like for like. This won’t ever bring any engagement to your business account, as people won’t click on the link in your bio. A simple like or follow in return is all they need and ready to give.