Using Instagram Memes to Your Brand’s Benefit

Using Instagram Memes to Your Brand’s Benefit

Have you noticed memes taking over your feed on Instagram recently? Most probably yes! That’s because this is currently the year’s biggest trend and brands are actively using it to boost their engagement, drive product interest, and build brand identity. Would you like to get involved in using Instagram memes for your business? InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider will gladly present to your attention all the necessary information about this new Instagram trend.



What Is an Instagram Meme?


There’s no particular definition for this Instagram phenomenon even though you can recognize it the moment you see it. However, to give it a general explanation – an Instagram meme is a piece of media that passes from one user to another and has somewhat a cultural relevance. Most often it has a clever or funny tone. Besides, memes combine text and imagery of any type let that be a jpg or a GIF, etc. And the proof of memes’ popularity on Instagram is vivid. There are highly engaging accounts on this social network which exist purely for creating and sharing memes. Such are @ladbible, @fuckjerry, @mytherapistsays, etc. All these accounts have more than a million followers. 

However, during the past year or so, businesses and brands have started actively using memes to bring about a bit of authenticity and fun among the highly curated feeds. 



How Your Business Can Benefit from Memes


The shareable feature of funny and witty memes them perfect tools for gaining multiple likes, shares, comments, and saves. Here are several ways of incorporating Instagram memes to your account:


Promoting Brand Values


To become the relatable account that Instagram users want to follow, you need to show off what your brand is actually about. Memes can become ideal tools here. And the good thing here is that everyone and every brand can do that by just picking up the right image/video and creating a message that will capture the brand’s vision and identity. Such memes usually make the brand memorable.


Sharing Viral Tweets 


As you must probably know, sharing screenshots of viral posts is highly popular on Instagram. In fact, such meme accounts as @thefatjewish or @daquan have practiced this even years ago. The key here is that brands do not only repost their own Insta meme tweets but also share those from their community which best reflect the brand’s attitude, style, or messaging.


Promoting Products


The witty and funny nature of memes makes them more familiar and not look like an advertisement or a product promotion. This means that memes serve as “soft promote”. Sharing playful memes that entertain your target audience while also drawing them to your products is definitely a peripheral idea. In fact, such memes serve as an “indirect” way of selling products on Instagram. 


Entertaining Your Audience


Surely, as a business owner, it’s is natural to have a business-central goal in your mind. However, it will be good to think about just entertaining your audience with memes, won’t it? It will show your followers that your account is ruled by a real human who has a sense of humor and wants to bring a smile on his/her followers face.