How Publishers Drive Traffic On Instagram

How Publishers Drive Traffic On Instagram

Despite the difficulty of driving traffic through Instagram, especially when compared with Twitter or Facebook, publishers still find ways to turn followers into readers. During the past several years, Instagram organically turned into a powerful marketing machine from an ordinary photo-sharing application. Clickable links added into Insta stories and shoppable posts make users consume news, visit brands’ websites and read blogs right from Instagram. And today publishers already use creative tactics to engage followers and turn their target audience into real-life readers. And if you are interested in how they manage this, InstaBF, one of those Instagram and IGTV providers you can thoroughly trust, will gladly showcase several examples of tested and succeeded tactics to adopt.



Rolling Stone Magazine Chooses Insta Stories and Regular Posts for Driving Traffic

Rolling Stone Magazine founded in the 1960s has always been on the top. The reason for such a tremendous success is not only the quality of content they publish but also the strategy they use. This magazine uses Instagram regular posts and stories to cross-promote its latest releases and drive even more traffic through this social network. Additionally, Rolling Stone allows its followers to read their articles with just one click without even leaving the application or using the link in the bio.



Inc. Magazine Chooses Engaging Quotes for Capturing its Audience’s Attention

Attention-grabbing quotes are a working tool for breaking up blocks of copy for plenty of publishers and it has turned out to be working on Instagram, too. For instance, the popular weekly magazine Inc. adds quotes in its captions for both capturing its audience’s attention and making them click the link in the bio. If the caption is picked up correctly, it will provide context, add personality to your post and inspire lots of followers to take an action. This seems to work great for publishers.



Fast Company Creates Wonderful Captions and CTA

Just like the magazine mentioned above, Fast Company pays close attention to its captions and call-to-actions. Quite often, you can find small parts of the magazine’s latest content in the captions of its Instagram account. Additionally, it uses to drive more traffic than it could do without it.



Complex Stops on Instagram Stories Highlights for Driving Traffic

Do you remember how all Instagram users including businesses were excited about the Instagram Stories Highlights once they appeared in December last year? Well, Complex was among those excited brands, too. And if brands use this Gram feature for showcasing their products, Complex is targeted at driving traffic to its articles and it does it like a real pro. For instance, when Complex created a highlight to promote “The Best Rapper Alive” article, it didn’t simply encourage its followers to read the article. Instead, Complex created three teaser stories and only after a follower has tapped through each of them, he becomes able to click-through to the article published on the website of Complex.



Mashable Generates Interest through Video Content

It’s been proved that videos on Instagram have turned to be more popular than ordinary images. And even though plenty of brands don’t make use of this, yet (unfortunately for them), Mashable is always ahead of time. This is quite natural, as Mashable is one of the most prominent tech-focused publishers, but unlike others, Mashable manages to turn video views into website clicks. Under each video that it posts, you can find a CTA that will lead the viewer to the website and find out more about the content in the video.