Creating Cohesive Instagram Layouts

Creating Cohesive Instagram Layouts

You must have come across perfectly designed Instagram feeds and could say nothing but “wow”! How can they create such amazing feeds?! Actually, for creating and keeping impressive aesthetics you needn’t be a genius. An appropriate planning and several tricks are thoroughly enough to scheme a wonderful feed and attract more views, likes, and, of course, followers. However, besides quality and engaging content, you will also need cohesive Instagram layouts. The latter should be visually appealing so that to attract viewers. So, here InstaBF presents to your attention the basic steps you should undertake to create an awesome layout for your Insta account. 



Start with a Plan


Do you think Instagrammers post content whenever they wish? Well, that’s true as long as we are dealing with ordinary users. Those stunningly arranged feeds can’t be created without proper planning. Consistency is the key to success and by planning content, staying consistent won’t be difficult. Your followers undoubtedly expect quality and attractive content from you regularly and providing it while making sure you don’t get distracted from your feed aesthetic is difficult. Accordingly, your first step should be devoted to planning your feed. 



Choose the Right Theme


It’s the theme you choose that tells your visitors what your entire account is about. Besides, having a distinct theme will ease your content choice. If you can’t make out what theme to opt for, we have several suggestions you’ll like:


  • A line in the middle of the theme


An Instagram feed with a separation between the left and right side images looks neat and interesting. You can choose a pure white background with quotes on to post as the middle image, or you can stop on any other background color. Just make it suit your account’s aesthetics.


  • Colored theme


Artistically designed colorful Instagram themes are always captivating. If you want to stand out, too, choose rainbow themes since they are trendy nowadays.


  • Quotes graphics


Quote graphics can add a negative space between two different posts on your feed. Use various color combinations, different fonts, and bright backgrounds. The choice is yours just as your brand voice. You can opt for dark texts on light backgrounds or vice versa.



Get a Well-Balanced Instagram Layout 


Creating a cohesive Instagram layout means being artistic. There should be a visual balance between all your posts so that the aesthetic quality of your feed rises. Make the transition between posts as natural and well-balanced as possible. One image shouldn’t be from “the Earth” and the other from the “Mars”.



Learn Through Experience


You want to be creative on Instagram, don’t you? So do millions of other users. Be ready to get experience on your way to creating cohesive aesthetics and learn from your mistakes. As time passes, it will become easier to scheme a magnificent feed. Just post consistently, develop your skills acquiring new ones and your followers will get a chance to enjoy a cohesive and highly engaging Instagram feed.