Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Reaching out to Instagram influencers can be a true way to increase your brand awareness and visibility on this social network. Ever since brands noticed what an influence Instagram influencers have on users, their services have become irreplaceable. And if you still doubt whether to apply to an influencer who can connect your offers to your target audience, InstaBF would like to present to your attention four successful examples of cooperation between brands and influencers. But before that, let us remind you that right at this moment you are on one of the most reliable platforms of ordering likes, comments, and followers for your Instagram account. Everything is provided in a safe and affordable manner.

Being as Creative as Adidas

Women love to accentuate their strength and power, and the brand, who underlines it makes a win-win step just like Adidas did. A year ago, the brand organized a campaign and shot thirty-second videos of fifteen women athletes who spoke about their way toward success. The whole campaign radiated energy and feminine creativity. It’s needless to say that all these athletes have thousands of followers on Instagram. With the help of this cooperation, Adidas reached to millions of people around the world.

Inspiring Adventure with Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is known for its adventurous nature. And this brand is proud to demonstrate its passion for life and new experiences. Through the collaborations with Instagram influencers, the brand boosted tremendous brand awareness! Some of the most popular influencers took the brand through a number of adventures including Formula 1 in Milan, the launch of the brand’s new luxury production in Shanghai, and the brand’s heritage in Scotland. Johnnie Walker realizes it well, that once an influencer creates an excitement over a certain product, it becomes more desirable not only for the influencer’s audience but also the brand’s.

Madewell Campaign with Five Instagram Influencers

Cooperating with a team of five popular Instagram influencers including such names as Bethany Marie and Stephanie Sterjovski, Madewell team managed to reach as many as one million targeted customers in promoting their new signature #TOTEWELL. This campaign brought the brand an immense popularity on this social platform. Besides, the brand regrams these influencers’ posts with their production and then posts on its company’s blog. Through this blog, the brand’s fans can get acquainted with the influencers they might not know. By the way, Madewell’s blog amazes with the diversity of posts that include behind-the-scenes photos, the day’s outfit, Questions and Answers, some styling tips etc.

Having Fun with Fanta

It’s so entertaining to watch people have fun and even more remarkable to have fun yourself. Once Fanta created a fan campaign and introduced short Vine comedy videos with the participants of three popular Vine influencers, people started making their own videos and photos to post on Instagram. The result was utmost engaging and prominent as millions of likes and shares were achieved let alone the tons of wonderful content!