Protect Your Instagram Account from Hackers

Protect Your Instagram Account from Hackers

Having an Instagram account, especially a business one, hacked sounds disastrous, doesn’t it? When you have to rely on your Instagram account to generate leads or make sales, the worst thing that can happen is having your account hacked. Not to face such an awkward situation it’s worth thinking about protection. In today’s post by InstaBF, a  known IG and IGTV provider, we shall cover five crucial strategies adhering to which, you will keep your Instagram account secure. 



A Strong Password is a Must


The most obvious and at the same time the simplest rule is to pick up a strong password. In fact, the most common way that hackers use to break into accounts is guessing passwords or using those which were already compromised in data breaches. 

According to Instagram, an ideal password has at least six characters (letters, numbers, punctuation marks). However, to make it stronger, you can opt for an eight-character long password. Additionally, update your password periodically (once or twice will be enough). Also, a password manager can be used to manage all your passwords efficiently and securely. 



Two-Factor Authentication Must Be Turned On


Today perhaps all major applications, including Instagram, provide some forms or 2FA. With the latter turned on, an Instagram user will be requested to enter an SMS security code, as well as state the username and password to access their account. This way hackers won’t have any chance to log into your Instagram account and change your contact info. You can find the option in the settings.


Secure Email Account


When creating a social media account, remember that your email is the gateway to it. Once a hacker gets access to your email, he can get to anything on the Internet you have used your email for. Therefore, securing your email must become a priority. Currently, most email providers offer security measures (two-factor authentication, encryption, etc.). Making use of them will not only secure your email but also your Instagram account. 



No Suspicious Third-Party Applications


Instagram recommends revoking access to any third-party application you find suspicious. According to IG, any website or app that doesn’t follow Insta’s Terms of Use or Community Guidelines is unreliable. Always manage any third-party app you are going to use. For this, access to your Instagram account from a desktop, go to the settings and tap “Authorized Apps”. Here you will find all those applications you have allowed to access your IG profile. From here you can revoke access to any app you find strange. 

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Additional Safety Tips


Adhering to the four points mentioned above you can be calm for your Instagram account’s security. However, in case you are still anxious, there are some additional tips you may find helpful.  

  • Always log out of Instagram if you use a shared PC or smartphone;
  • Don’t ever check the “Remember Me” box, cause it will keep you logged in even if you have closed the browser;
  • Don’t ever mention your password among people;
  • Always check the legitimacy of emails you receive not to log in with your data to a fake Instagram login page.


So, all these tips make up a good strategy to keep your Instagram account secure from hackers’ attacks.