How You Can Manage Instagram DM’s Like a Pro

How You Can Manage Instagram DM’s Like a Pro

Are you a one-person band on Instagram? Then most probably you acknowledge well what a laborious and time-consuming task it is to manage Insta direct messages. So, if you happen to be one, InstaBF, a credible service that ensures Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views and followers on beneficial conditions, is going to teach you a couple of ways how you can manage your DM like a pro. If you run a solo business, this post will be especially beneficial to you. Yet, those who constantly bring on an intern to help or have a large team of people eager to help with the marketing will love this guide, as well. And if you would like to know the secret, the more people handle the Instagram direct messages, the more complicated it is.

So, just read on and adhere to our recommendations, as they will help you respond to everyone quickly thus delighting your audience/customers.




Among the most useful tools of Instagram for managing direct messages is the flag. Here are what IG flags can alert:

  • those messages that you wait for an answer to;
  • those messages which you need some help to answer (you may need to consult with your business partner or ask a client, for instance);
  • those messages that have positive reviews which you can use later for sharing on Instagram or your website.



Response Time


For every Instagram business owner, it’s crucial to respond to direct messages as promptly as possible. This refers especially to those cases when you manage your Insta direct messages on a realistic timeframe. This can be twenty-four hours or at least forty-eight hours. Choose the timeframe that best works for your schedule. Believe us, setting a DM response time will help you stay sane once you start getting plenty of requests from customers, as well as support questions and recommendations from the DM community you have. Additionally, it’s a great idea to use your Instagram bio for mentioning the DM response time. From one side, your customers will be aware of when to expect an answer from you, and from the other side, you won’t have to stay online 24/7 to roll on the DM.  



Keyboard Shortcuts

A marvelous hack is setting up keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly asked questions. Among them, we can mention:

  • refunds
  • service pricing
  • shipping questions
  • contact details for PR queries
  • booking options


Surely, the above-mentioned question types are not accurate for all. What common questions you get depends on your business type. Just count what are the most common questions you get and write answers to them. Save them into your smartphone as keyboard shortcuts. The latter will save your time greatly, as you won’t have to type the same thing over and over again.

There is an identical in-app tool Instagram introduced to its business profile owners. And it’s called “quick replies”. However, the shortcuts you save here work only in IG Dm’s.



Personal Touch


No matter whether it is a not so delighted customer messaging you or a thoroughly happy one, he will be more than happy to receive an answer with a personal touch. For this, you could use videos. Just record a short video with some kind words that will be common for all matters, such as “Thank you for letting us know that, we hope you have already had a look at our new collection. We are sure you’ll like it”. Send the video to every customer after responding to the primary question with a respective answer. Be certain, your short video will make your customers’ day!



Pros and Cons of Saying “No” to IG DM’s on Your IG Profile


Most probably, you have seen some Gram accounts that say they don’t respond to DM’s. But is that a good idea or not? Let’s find out together.

Pros of Saying “No” to DM’s

  • This step can minimize the huge amount of messages you get if you are a large brand, and send your audience to your support email inbox.
  • This way you will avoid disappointing your customers with the long time response if you can’t have enough time to look into your DM’s frequently.


Cons of Saying “No” to DM’s

  • Even if you mention in your bio that you don’t respond to DM’s, it doesn’t have to mean people won’t message you. Most probably, you will still be receiving multiple messages.
  • Some people will find this step a rude one. You may repel many customers.
  • If you opt for avoiding to contact with your audience, you will miss a great chance of getting to know them better and learning what they expect from you. As a result, you won’t be able to convert them into customers.