Instagram Tips for Artists

Instagram Tips for Artists

Long are those days gone, when people used the “starving artist” expression. Today, with so many opportunities to show off your talent, an artist is appreciated and, of course,  paid worthily. And if you consider yourself an artist, the Instagram social network can serve as the link between you and your audience. It’s a perfect tool for promoting your art as long as you are aware how to do it properly.

First of all, remember that Instagram is not only the pictures of cats or selfies of busty beauties. There is quite a large and decent art community gathered in Instagram and one is sure to find his worthy fans and customers if both the product is quality and the promotion is made decently. And right now, InstaBF, the leading service offering Instagram likes, comments, and followers, is going to assist you in promoting your best works of art!

Keep Your Account Interesting

Even though your primary goal is selling your art, you simply can’t go without posting the rest about your life. Make sure your posts do not only represent your final works but also radiate inspiration. Your Instagram account should not be merely about your art, but also include events (both relating your art and your life), accomplishments, works in progress, your inspiration sources, and studio shots. The more interesting and attractive your posts are, the higher the chance of your popularity as an artist is.

The Right Captions

Instagram is all about visual storytelling. And if it goes without a word that all the images must be of exceptional quality and clearness, captions are worth talking about a little. Make sure each and every picture you post is accompanied by a relevant and captivating caption. This can also be a brief story that is likely to motivate your followers to react to it. Be certain, there can’t be any really interesting post on Instagram, that users won’t report, comment and share.

Introduce Yourself as an Artist

No matter, whether you are posting your recent artwork or what you ate for your breakfast, it should be presented artistically. Do never lose your inner artist and the chance to show it off. Every artist has his/her own unique style, and the same style should become vivid from the posts made, as well as the entire Instagram account.

Scheduling Your Posts

When the matter concerns Instagram, consistency is everything. By scheduling the flow of your posts, you are sure to grow your account engagement. A post per day is the golden middle neither to bore your followers nor to make them forget about yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you have to create a painting in one day. Your posts can be about anything and they will look attractive as long as they are relevant to your style and brand. Take a picture of your new paints, let your followers see the already ready part of your work or its sketch. Let them see your work grow from an abstract sketching to a real masterpiece! Be confident, this way they will feel a part of your world and adore whatever you present as the final result.

Creative Ways of Using Carousel Posts for Businesses

Creative Ways of Using Carousel Posts for Businesses

In the beginning of this year, Instagram introduced a new trend – carousel posts. It quickly got popular and is today widely used by businesses. As time passes, they find different ways to incorporate this trend into their marketing strategy. And if you want to learn a couple of ways how to make benefit from Instagram carousel posts, too, you are welcome to InstaBF! Besides providing its customers with an opportunity to increase the number of their followers, likes, and comments, it will also give some really helpful advice pieces. So, if you have already ordered your “portion” of likes from InstaBF, let’s consider several most creative ways of making carousel posts serve your business.

Launching New Product Lines

No matter if you have a new collection of skin care products or sports apparel, the opportunity of sharing several photographs of the products in one post will definitely drive much interest and, consequently, sales. By adding multiple photos in one post instead of spamming your potential customers or followers with them one by one, you are going to add much value and style to them.

Posting Full-Length Videos

Perhaps it won’t be a surprise to you if we tell that videos are much more popular with Instagram users than photos. Many businesses make use of this fact, yet, unfortunately, the sixty-second limit entails some difficulty. Carousel posts offer a smart and attractive alternative to posting full-length videos. Now brands can share as many as ten videos of their new products in one single post! It’s really beneficial!

Carousel Posts: Before & After Sequences

Taking before & after photos is really widespread today. There are multiple applications for this, yet it’s also possible to pass by them and do it directly with your carousel post. This is an utmost straightforward task that requires absolutely no special skills! Just choose the photos or videos in the right order, add an attractive caption and enjoy your likes! Moreover, Instagram makes it possible to post several before & after photos in one single post. It’s great for posting tutorials on photo-editing, for instance.

Sharing Event Photos

Businesses, just like regular users, find posting event photos/videos quite a good strategic step. And if you have an intention not to spam your followers, but keep them engaged without any force, applying a carousel post appears the best flexible way out.  And don’t forget to mention and even tag the important participants of the event in the caption of your post.

Driving Traffic

It’s no secret that multiple outstanding businesses use the platform of Instagram for driving traffic to their official websites or blogs. Admit it, Instagram is a great tool to reach out to potential customers. And now carousel posts are widely used for the same purpose. These posts tease potential customers making them click your link for more information.

You, as a business owner, can also showcase the positive reviews left by your customers in a carousel post to encourage others to try your products, too. Be sure, this will have a tremendous influence on your business’s development.