Capturing Your Thanksgiving Meal as a Pro

Capturing Your Thanksgiving Meal as a Pro

Sharing appetizing and picturesque meals on Instagram has been trendy during the last several years. And today, when it’s Thanksgiving to celebrate, you can’t miss your chance of capturing a grandiose image of your delicious turkey! Or perhaps you are going to make some other meals, too worth capturing. In all cases, we can give you several recommendations on how to take the right images during today’s Thanksgiving dinner. One of the most trustworthy IG and IGTV providers of nowadays is always ready to be by your side!



The Right Filter and Lighting


When taking an image of food for Instagram, make certain you have as much natural light as possible! You can place the meal by the window or better a window covered with a gauzy clothing that can diffuse the light.

What concerns the right filter, choose the one that will make the colors more saturated and brighter thus making the food look even more appetizing instead of appearing washed out. However, here you should resist the temptation of playing with the saturation and contrast. And once you start doubting how much the picture needs filtration, you’d better leave it natural, without any editing. In all cases, good lighting plays a more important role than colors.



Style Your Images

A bit of styling added to a photo can make such a tremendous change! For instance, you can take a bite of your pumpkin pie and leave your fork on the plate. Or you can leave the ice-cream melt and photograph it with a pretty meting drip on the cobbler.

Create interesting compositions with your meals, add some candlelight around them, bring in some fall decorations and the result promises to be fascinating!



Square Images


The popular rule of thirds largely applied in photography doesn’t have to be used when taking a photo for Instagram. As a rule, Gram images have square forms and are smaller than ordinary images photographers take. Therefore, when photographing your Thanksgiving meal for posting on Instagram, make sure you capture as much of the food as possible. Besides, zoom the image and take away anything around the meal that may bring unnecessary information to the photo.



Take Many Images


Most of Instagram users are not professional photographers and for taking the perfect image, we may need to try many times. Hence, don’t give up and try various angles when capturing your Thanksgiving meal. For instance, you can try photographing it from the bird’s eye view or take a shot at a 30-degree angle from the table. Close-up images, meanwhile, can fill the Instagram’s frame. Use a real camera, if you have one, or use your smartphone. Experiment and you will finally get the perfect shot!



Make Your Focus on People

Surely, the Thanksgiving meal is symbolic, yet the holiday itself is all about being thankful to people around your festive table. That’s why capturing not only the food but also your guests or maybe your family members will bring your post a great success. You can take intimate photographs of your close people around your Thanksgiving table as candid shots that capture the spirit of the company with no posed smiles are really funny.



Tell a Thanksgiving Story with Your Photos


Why not organize your Thanksgiving photos in a journalistic way? This way you will tell a whole story to your followers! Start with the preparation of your festive meal or the freshly laid table, then pass to images picturing how much your guests enjoy the food (might include funny moments with your aunt laughing or little nephew staring at the cake, etc.) and end up with your whole family sipping coffee near the fireplace.