How You Can Create Instagram Content Calendar

How You Can Create Instagram Content Calendar

For leading an organized and well-structured Instagram account, it’s worth considering to have a social media content calendar. With the help of the latter, all your posts will be organized, you can control any promotions, collaborations, and marketing topics. Besides, this way you will get a big-picture overview of the marketing strategy you have been using on your brand. Indeed, it’s a bulky task to create a content calendar for the entire year, yet if you follow some tips InstaBF, one of the most popular Instagram and IGTV providers of the market, suggests, you will succeed in taking measured steps and making methodical decisions. Be certain, this will lead to a significant boost on your brand’s exposure, the number of your followers and even your brand’s sales.



The First Phase of Creating Instagram Content Calendar

The first step toward our goal is scheming a spreadsheet for posts. For this, you can choose such simple apps as Google Sheets or Excel. Create sections for every day of the whole year. To make this unwieldy job a bit funnier, add color pops to every day of the week.

Your next step should be looking for relevant events, holidays, customs, etc. This way you will know how to use those events to the benefit of your marketing campaign. However, it’s advisable to stay away from dates related to religion or politics. Surely, this mostly depends on the type of your audience.



Going Further

Now, when your calendar’s structure is clear, it’s time to focus on the content themes. Each should be determined with such facts taken into account as what your audience wants to see from you, what products you need to highlight, and when it is more expedient to make this or that post. Once you have a list of potential themes, insert each of them into your calendar organically, i.e. creating a healthy balance between posts that add value to your community, and those that sale products.

Afterward, narrow down your themes to topics. Here you can make use of special apps such as BuzzSumo that can help you find content that others share. For instance, if you choose to post weekend-related photos on Sundays, search for “weekend” in this application to detect the most shared headlines of your theme.

Anyway, despite this, make sure you have your own spin on the content you share, as authenticity is the key to success on Instagram.

Additionally, make certain the topics you choose coincide with the season and time of the year. Your followers will hardly get interested in staying hydrated in the dead of the winter, will they?



Finalizing Your Instagram Content Calendar

Look into the type of content that interests your followers the most. For example, do they expect funny videos from you? Or perhaps they long for long captions on romantic images? Anyway, don’t forget that Instagram is an image-heavy platform. Hence, pay attention to quote cards that combine text and graphic. They can be used to cover your major weekly topics.

When you plan out the entire year of your Instagram posts, be certain that you will manage to maintain the entire volume of content you include in your content calendar. Most brands post once per day. This is a normal frequency to keep your audience engaged yet not bored.

Once you have completed your calendar for the upcoming entire year, you will have plenty of free time to deal directly with your customers, while your favorite scheduling tool posts the content you have included in your calendar.