Blondes VS Brunettes on Instagram

Blondes VS Brunettes on Instagram

The debate “blondes vs brunettes” is as old as the hills! People keep on quarreling which women look prettier, sexier, or which are smarter and which duller. They also say that blondes have more fun than brunettes, they are easier to deal with and enjoy life to the full. Platinum blonds have been in style ever since the days of such beauty icons as Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot. On the other hand, brunettes can have so much good time themselves, as well! Their exact shade ranges from light brown to jet black.

The rise of social media with Instagram, in particular, has inspired numerous ladies to follow and share both their personal and artistic sides. In the last few years, we have witness millions of gorgeous images of as blondes so brunettes. But which are more popular on Gram? Which women have a better following and higher engagement rates? Today, the entertaining blog of InstaBF, a leading IGTV and IG provider, is going to showcase some of the most striking blondes vs gorgeous brunettes of Instagram. It was really tough to figure out the best accounts, as Instagram is filled with accounts of superior ladies whether light-haired or dark-haired.



Fiesty Blondes on the Podium!


Though not always with blonde hair, Jennifer Lawrence is mostly loved particularly when she appears in this light hair hue. Jennifer has around 65K followers on Instagram. In her feed, we can see not only images from various shows, the Red Carpet, magazines, movie shootings but also of her everyday life. There are plenty of images where you can see Jennifer in real life with friends and fans.

Another blonde rocking Instagram is Romee Strijd, a Dutch model and Victoria’s Secret angel. With over 5 million followers, this beauty is a real Instagram star! She shows what it means to lead a luxury life through over two thousand posts! Yet, on the other hand, there are some that show Romee with her beloved and babies. She seems to prove that a blonde sexy woman can be not only successful in her career but also in her private life.

Extravagant and always one-of-a-kind Poppy Delevingne is another gorgeous Instagram blonde! This English actress and model has got nearly 1.5 million followers.

Other popular blondes on Instagram are Ola Rudnicka, Ginta Lapina, Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger, Elsa Hosk, and others.

Most popular blonde hair hues are platinum blonde, Cream Soda, Vanilla Milkshake, Cider and Spice,



Sassy Brunette Goddesses


Now, to level the score, it’s time to pass to the most fabulous brunettes on Instagram!

Beyond any doubts, Kim Kardashian is number one brunette on Instagram! Having around 123 million followers, this woman is definitely the epitome of “famous for being famous”! Her reality shows, clothing line, her marriage to Kayne West … There is so much Kim can share with her fans on a daily basis, and most importantly, her super sexy look!

Kat Dennings is our second Instagram celebrity with dark hair. Her feed is a highly entertaining one with so much to see and learn about Kat! And 2.8 million followers don’t deprive themselves of enjoying this pretty brunette’s posts.

Other adorable brunettes on Instagram include Nina Dobrev with 16.5 million followers, Lupita Nyong’o with 6.2 million followers, Victoria Justice with 15.9 million followers, and others.