Instagram vs Blogging: Part Two

Instagram vs Blogging: Part Two

Are you still confused when defining a blogger and an Instagrammer? In one of our previous posts, we started discussing the differences between these two concepts. We found out how much time is necessary for growing a mass following and now it’s turn to go further. Today InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider will speak about the necessary efforts and skills, as well as income streams, and the algorithm control that matter for becoming a successful Instagram or blogger. 



The Efforts Required


Actually, it is quite easy to run an Instagram page. A good location, a good camera, and a good pose are the components of a succeeded shot which will be followed by multiple likes and popularity. Surely, engaging with other Instagrammers’ posts and adhering to the social media strategy you’ve schemed, are also mandatory. If you choose to post daily, you will need to spend at least half an hour taking a photo and another half an hour on browsing through others’.

As compared to blogging, the time spent on Instagram is little. Here you need to get a captivating idea, search for keywords, structure out your post, take thematic photos, write the article (minimum 500 words) and publish it. Moreover, improving the website periodically also requires certain time and efforts. So, all this takes around five hours. You see how much effort running a blog demands.



The Technical Skills Required


Due to the user-friendly interface, an Instagram account is very straightforward to manage. There are practically no tech skills required perhaps except for shooting quality images. 

Blogging, meanwhile, is a lot different. Believe us, the mere SEO won’t be enough for building a successful blog. You either must have programming skills (the basic understanding of tech issues, at least) to have the website look the way it should, or you will have to hire a professional. 



Income Streams


If you invest your time and efforts in building an Instagram account or a blog, you will obliviously expect a certain income from it. For Instagram, the money is earned through collaborating with brands. Instagrammers receive money or free stuff from brands they post photos or write captions about. And there can be no word about passive income. Every dollar is earned by an Instagrammer’s work. 

When the matter concerns blogs, everything is a way different. The moment you realize your blog has a significant audience, you can get multiple income streams. These include sponsored posts, affiliates, ads, selling your products such as courses, e-books, presets, etc. Setting up passive income systems here is possible, too (affiliate programs, ads, for instance). 

With Instagram rising on the top of the social media world, everybody seems not to notice that blogging can bring much more money than Instagram in the long run. 



Algorithm Control


The Instagram algorithm is what annoys Instagrammers (especially brand owners and marketers) a lot. It’s really hard nowadays to keep your engagement high or attract new dedicated followers. The truth is that none of us has any power to influence the Instagram algorithm or change it anyway. 

When blogging, Google algorithm determines which posts must be shown in the first pages of the search results. However, this algorithm is much easier to understand and control. 

Instagram vs Blogging: Part One

Instagram vs Blogging: Part One

With Instagram overwhelming social media sphere today, it becomes quite hard for people to distinguish between bloggers and Instagrammers. And those Instagrammers who identify themselves as bloggers, make the mess even bigger. Writing long captions, to their mind, makes them bloggers. It’s far not like that just as taking lovely photos doesn’t mean you are an Instagrammer. And if you are confused too, we shall clarify it straight away here on InstaBF’s, the most popular Instagram and IGTV provider’s blog. 


  • Defining an Instagrammer 

Any person registered and using Instagram is an Instagrammer no matter whether he has 10 or 10 million followers. As long as one uses this social platform, he is considered an Instagrammer.


  • Defining a Blogger

A blogger is a person who has a website where he/she writes about his favorite topic. This can be about food, traveling, sports, fashion, etc. 

Nevertheless, the tricky part comes when an influencer appears. The latter is the person who has the power of influencing other’s opinions and behavior through his internet presence. Both, a blogger and Instagrammer can be an influencer as long as there’s an audience inspired by them. 

Actually, these three terms – blogger, Instagrammer, influencer, are not opposite. They are rather complementary. 

Before Instagram influencers, brands mostly trusted bloggers to review their products and spread a word about them among their audience. Today Instagram influencers appear to be more influential and brands turn to them more often.  



Instagrammer vs Blogger: The Time Required for Building Audience


Whether you are interested in Instagram or blogging, the first thing to do is to create a dedicated audience. The people you target should become eager to engage with your content. Building a substantial audience for both an Instagram account and blog might take around three years and significant perseverance. 

However, there is one major difference in attaining audience. If an Instagrammer can buy followers or attract them with giveaways in short terms, the same can’t be said about bloggers. Mind that such type of audience hardly becomes engaged to buy the products you advertise. Hence, to become an Instagram influencer and have an interested audience for brand collaboration, it’s better to spend some efforts and time. A blogger, meanwhile, has no luxury of that kind. The Google algorithm won’t allow any manipulation with followers. Besides, it bases on several factors when determining how good a blogger’s articles are. These factors include SEO, content quality, how many links the article attracts, etc. Actually, there’s no exact formula of this algorithm. Hence, it will be simply impossible to trick the algorithm. 

So, growing following is time-consuming as for bloggers so for Instagrammers. And even though it is possible to accelerate that of Instagram through certain tricks, the results won’t be efficient. It will be definitely not beneficial in the long run.