Three Instagram Advertising Tips to Uplevel Your Advertising Results

Three Instagram Advertising Tips to Uplevel Your Advertising Results

Brands have been using the Instagram social network to advertise their products and services almost from its creation. In recent years, this tendency has reached tremendous sizes and brought millions of businesses palpable results. And whether you have been using Instagram to advertise your brand for a long time or have just started the game, you need to be aware of the key tips that can make your advertisements effective. Today InstaBF, a popular provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, will speak about three crucial points to help you uplevel advertising results and set you up for success. Adhere to them and see them impact your brand’s popularity.



Lookalike Audiences


This term in advertising signifies a group of people with similar characteristics to those of your existing audience. To attract them with your ad, first, create a custom lookalike audience’s model. Build your lookalike audience based on the key characteristics of your existing one. These can be the age, gender, profession, preferences, marital and maternity status, as well as the demographics, and so forth. Surely, you can also experiment with many other options, yet your Instagram advertisement is most likely to work particularly on the lookalike audiences.



Get Creative Around Your Brand Format


To take the most from your Instagram ads, you need to scheme your creative (images, videos, copywriting, etc.) around particularly the format you use when advertising your business on Instagram. If you can’t make out what all this means, think of such Instagram advertising options as Single Image Ads, Single Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories advertising, etc. Let’s discuss the matter on the example of Stories. Organic Instagram Stories are short and snappy, funny and unique, presented with an audio or music aspect. So, your advertising Story shouldn’t yield in all this. In case you build a Story with no music but with a ton of text on the graphics and a terribly complicated CTA, it will be senseless to hope the ad will perform well. It will be boring, odd and simply out of place. You need to make sure your advertisement Story format suits that of your organic Stories so that your target audience does not cringe on it.



Keep the Call-to-Action Simple


What can be considered a complicated CTA in your opinion? If you have to jump through several hoops to complete the CTA from your IG advertisement, won’t that be one? Surely will! So that your Instagram ads bring you the best-anticipated results, the key tip is to make sure the call-to-action is kept maximally simple. Your potential customer should be able to complete it fast without managing to get bored or irritated. How can you simplify CTA? Here are a couple of working ways:

  • Set up a custom landing page for every advertisement that you run;
  • Set up a “Shop Instagram” page on your brand’s website and link your Instagram account to it;
  • Pick up a direct link to a product or online booking system.


If you try to simplify your call-to-action either through a booking system or a landing page, give them some testing before you push your add live. This way you will avoid any embarrassment about the system not working properly. Instagrammers face this quite often and never get back to that brand again. Hence, do everything not to become one of them.


Stick to these few helping tips if you are an Instagram marketer or a business owner and see your advertisements fulfill your expectations.