The New Instagram Status Indicator Dot

The New Instagram Status Indicator Dot

Instagram appears too active this summer and this is only for our benefit! We, the mere mortals of Instagram expect innovations perhaps every day! A couple of days ago there was news from our most beloved social media and InstaBF would like to share it with its clients or simply blog readers. But before we get into details, we’d like to remind you that InstaBF is always by your side whenever you need to increase the number of your followers or raise your engagement rate with multiple new comments and likes. It’s noteworthy that all our Instagram accounts are HQ real-looking ones that have active engagements. And the comments left under your photos or videos won’t look like those written by bots. Besides, we can add views, likes, and comments to your IGTV channel. Interesting, right? Then go straight to the home page of InstaBF and make your first order!

So, we are back with our Instagram news. The drumbeat, please…


Status Markers to DM List


Do you remember the time when Instagram started to tell you when your friends were active in Direct Messaging? It was last January. And now, this social platform has over-viewed that feature and upgraded it. From now on, you can see a small green dot whenever that Instagram friend of yours is online. Just go into your Direct Message inbox or open the list of your friends and check which ones have those green dots near their names. By the way, you can detect the activeness of not all Instagram users. Only those who follow you or those who you have exchanged direct messages with are detected with the green dot. The status indicator for all other Instagram users is not available unless you direct message them.

What’s more, there is always the chance to turn off this feature. This means that if for some reason you don’t want your status indicator to be seen, pass to your Instagram settings and turn the feature off. The default setting, meanwhile, is “on”.


Pros and Cons of the “Green Dot”


A long time ago (well, only several months ago) Instagram informed how long ago your follower was active. It provided such information as “Active 5m ago”, or “Active Now” written in grey coloring just next to the information of the account of your direct messages. Quite many users didn’t even pay attention to it or notice it. Hence, Instagram decided to make it more vivid just like that of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. And if one part of users is always glad to changes no matter what type of changes those are, others don’t seem to approve the “Facebookification” of Instagram. Well, perhaps that theory has the right to exist taking into account how much like Facebook our favorite Instagram is now. Yet, distinctly it hasn’t managed to change its signature, yet.

Nevertheless, this new feature is especially of a benefit to Instagram brands. Besides the metrics that immensely help Gram businesses track their engagement and the behavior of their followers, this new “green dot” will make it even easier for them to see when most of their followers are online before they make a post.