Instagram has become a grandiose platform for millions of brands to advertise their products, reach out to their current and possible clients, raise their reputation in the world of business. And if you plan to find your own place in the Instagram business world, it’s crucial to pick up the right aesthetic. Anyway, not all can succeed in this easily. Especially for you and other small business owners, who have selected Instagram as a means of communication between themselves and clients, we have separated five small businesses who have established fantastic visual strategies and made a great job in becoming popular on Instagram. Get inspired by the content they share and the unique aesthetics of their profiles.


1. Creative but True Like Goldenrod Pastries

Located in Nebraska, Goldenrod Pastries bakery manages to attract thousands of fans from around the country! And all this due to the magnificent aesthetic design they have picked up for their Instagram content. The brand mixes the studio-quality food photography and the lifestyle to get so impressive results! What amazes the most in this bakery, is that it always finds a way in its chase of marketing objectives to bring back the focus to the sugary goodness its customers adore the most. Every post made is fresh and creative, yet in the well-established style of Goldenrod Pastries. So, you shouldn’t stay far from your initial style either, so that your faithful clients don’t get confused, or even worse, get disappointed!


2. Playing with Colors Like Mokuyobi Threads

Colors make a significant impact on the brand aesthetics. A single glance at Mokuyobi Threads is enough to get ensured in it yourself. Pictured in Lisa Frank’s style, the fashion brand’s colors thrill, entice and make an impact. The LA brand uses the same gently bright color palette throughout their whole posting. The brand even makes the choice of models based on the colors it has picked up. The colors used evoke sweet memories within grown-ups, and kind emotions within the youth. And the brand makes great use of these feelings.

Plan the colors of your brand to reinvigorate your strategy and set up an enchanting aesthetic.


3. Being Trickily Original Like Molasses Books

Molasses Books Brooklyn shop is widely popular on Instagram due to the unique aesthetic it has adopted. Its peculiar style is lo-fi paperback. The choice of the latter was so smart that at the first sight, you doubt whether you are watching a real book cover or a flyer for an event. The brand used this particular style deliberately, otherwise, it would look clogged with diverse colors, art directions, and styles. The advice of the brand is to integrate the look of a certain event, production line, etc., with the rest of the aesthetic of your Instagram profile.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of other amazing small brands with impressive aesthetics. However, InstaBF chose these particular three brands to showcase how original a brand aesthetic of a small business can be! Getting inspired from them, incorporating some of their ideas into your own brand’s aesthetic, as well as making use of InstaBF’s unique offer, you are sure to increase the popularity of your brand! By the way, by saying “the unique offer” we mean the chance of ordering as many views, comments or followers as you may need at an affordable price!