The brand new augmented reality shopping feature helps to take Instagram online shopping to a thoroughly new level. It allows users to “try on” any new product and see whether it suits them or not before they pay for it. Thanks to the checkout feature introduced to Instagrammers at the beginning of this year, shopping right on the social platform without leaving it has become possible. While the new Spark AR integration will make everything even more convenient. Already interested? Let’s find out more about it here, on the blog of a popular IG and IGTV provider InstaBF. 



Shopping with Augmented Reality 


Plenty of products offered by various brands on Instagram can’t be adequately described through photos or videos. Particularly such products can be virtually tried on due to augmented reality. Before Instagram, Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Snapchat introduced AR shopping to their users. And Instagram couldn’t stay behind from them. However, AR is still in the phase of beta testing on this mega-popular social platform. It has been launched only with several brands including NARS Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Warby Parker, and Ray-Ban. Products by all these brands can be tried online to see whether they suit you or not. 



How You Can Use Augmented Reality Shopping Feature


So, most probably you are already hurrying to one of the mentioned brands’ Instagram accounts to try AG feature. Here are the steps you will need to undertake:

  • Once you like a product by a brand, tap on it in the brand’s post or story;
  • After this, you will see the description page open up, press “Try it on” option;
  • Soon you will see your IG Stories camera open with the AR effect featuring the product already on;
  • Remember that many products are giving an option to choose different colors and variations (this depends on the product);
  • If you like the product you are trying on, tap the button “Add to Bag” on the top of the camera and it will be added to the shopping cart. From here, you will be able to proceed to check it out. 


Instagram has turned from a major visual platform to a succeeded online shopping destination. It is open for brands to thrive, enlarge their market, and reach more customers. Actually, Instagram seems to aim at becoming centered on business and marketing as it keeps on developing its shopping tools. With augmented reality merging into the platform, a new floodgate of opportunities has opened for thousands of brands (well, at least for some brands for the present). 

In fact, this new feature will open new horizons not only for brands but also for users. For instance, thanks to AG, furniture brands will show you how their products will look when placed in your house. You can create virtual fitting rooms, try on fashionable clothes, sunglasses, and other stuff. If you find the product is what you have expected, pay for it online and order. If not, just have fun trying out various fashionable outfits.