IGTV is a highly useful tool for Instagram brands, but, unfortunately, it is underestimated, yet. Perhaps that’s the reason that Instagram has made it possible to post 1-minute previews of IGTV videos right in Instagram feeds. This is definitely a straight-forward update addressed to raise the popularity and use of IGTV. However, there are some details you need to be aware of before you start using this feature. And InstaBF, a premier Instagram and IGTV provider, will point them out right now.



IGTV Previews on Your Insta Profile


What do you think, what made it difficult to garner engagement and views from your IGTV videos? These videos lived only in IGTV channels and users had to login to their IGTV channels to watch them. Previously, one had to use captions on ordinary posts and link videos to Stories so that followers get actively directed to IGTV. All this was tiresome for users and they simply didn’t go for IGTV videos. According to Instagram, these new IGTV previews in feeds make it easier to discover the latest video content from our beloved follows. However, once you share a preview video to your Instagram feed, you will have your IGTV videos live in your profile grid, stored in the small IGTV icon in the top right corner of the videos. Accordingly, you will have to review your Instagram feed, its look and style, as well as the cover photo you use in your IGTV channel, video posting times and many other aspects. Instagram and IGTV joined will bring you more opportunities yet imply many efforts, too.



Is It Worth Sharing IGTV Videos to Your Gram Feed?


So, now when you understand how this new feature works, the biggest question is whether it’s worth sharing your IGTV videos on your regular feed or not. This mainly depends on such important factors as your video marketing strategy and the way your videos look in your Insta grid. Anyway, remember that you invested time, efforts and perhaps money in creating Instagram vertical videos, hence why shouldn’t you use all the chances of promoting them?! Once you post a preview of your IGTV video on Instagram, viewers will have to tap the “Keep Watching” button to go on watching the full variant as the current one on Insta will last only one minute. This button will automatically direct viewers to your IGTV channel and they won’t have to do any other steps to reach that particular videos.



How You Can Share IGTV Videos to Insta Feed


Sharing a preview of an IGTV video is a highly easy thing. If you find it will bring you a real chance to promote videos. However, there is only one chance of sharing it on Instagram. If you miss tapping the share button while posting the video on IGTV, you won’t be able to return to it later. For this, just follow all the regular steps you do when posting a video on IGTV, and on the final stage move the slider “Post a Preview” to green. After this, the preview of that video will appear in all your followers’ feed while the cover image will pop up in your IG profile’s grid. Remember that an IGTV video should be longer than 1 minute so that you can add its preview in your Instagram profile.