We are back with our seven amazing psychology facts that affect Instagram users’ behavior on this social network. You, as a Gram marketer, should be aware of them and learn how to use them for the benefit of your brand and your marketing campaign. In the previous post, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, addressed to three psychological facts to take into account, and now we’ll continue with the rest four ones:



How the Halo Effect Impacts Instagram Users’ Perceptions


The type of immediate judgment of a person, thing or place based on our first impression, is known as the Halo effect. According to it, once we see a beautiful person, our overall impression of him/her makes us evaluate his/her specific traits in the same manner. It’s like you never get a second chance to make people change their first impression about you. The same takes place on Instagram. We can’t but let a single quality (attractiveness, in most cases) of a brand or an ordinary Gram user influence our overall judgment for his other unrelated aspects.

How can you use the Halo effect to your brand’s benefit? Just see, a celebrity or an influencer endorsement has a great impact on the perceptions of the brand they cooperate with. Ordinary users start to subconsciously associate the pretty (mildly said) traits of the influencer or celebrity immediately with the brand or the advertised product.

So, to leverage the Halo effect in your Instagram marketing, you have the following options:

  1. Emphasize the successful deal with a recognizable client or get a customer testimonial from him/her;
  2. Cooperate with an Instagram celebrity or a recognizable influencer;
  3. Associate with other famous companies which can enhance your brand.



The Frequency Illusion


Have you ever noticed a thing you have just heard about, noticed or seen, suddenly start to crop up all the time giving you the feeling that everybody around you thinks and talks exactly about it? Perhaps multiple times! This phenomenon is known as “the frequency illusion” in psychology. And once the feeling that more people pay attention to it becomes stronger, it signifies you are noticing it more. How does this happen? Let’s psychologists explain.

Such a reaction is caused by two processes. The first one is the selective attention. Once you get struck by something new (let it be a new word, idea, etc.), on an unconscious basis, you start looking for it everywhere and, as a result, notice more often than you should.

The confirmation bias is the second process. During it, the more often you meet the thing you noticed, the more you get assured in its righteousness.

Form the point of an Instagram marketer, this is a good chance to affect customers. Once they really notice your brand, they will see it “everywhere”! Hence make your logo impressive.



The Impact of Colors on Instagram


It’s a known psychological fact that colors greatly react to one’s behavior on Instagram and other social platforms. According to the latest studies, people build their nearly always unchangeable impression about a person or product within the first 90 second of interaction. And up to 92% of those impressions are based on the color perception. Therefore, consider the color of your Instagram content and plan, yet without forgetting to watch how that color lines with your brand voice.

Here we mention what emotions the most widespread colors evoke in a person:

  • Red: the sense of urgency
  • Green: relaxation and wealth
  • Yellow: youth and optimism
  • Blue: security and trust
  • Pink: romanticism
  • Orange: aggressiveness
  • Purple: calmness
  • Black: strength and powerfulness



Psychology behind Sharing


So, after having discussed the basic 6 psychological facts affecting peoples’ behavior on Instagram and generally, on all social platforms, it will be wise to address to the main 5 psychological reasons why people share others’ posts:

  1. Insta users want to have the better lives that other users are enjoying (94%);
  2. Insta users intend to spread the idea or concept they deeply believe in (84%);
  3. Insta users share posts just to have other people comment and engage with their accounts (81%);
  4. Insta users wish to build and cherish visual relationships on Instagram (80%).
  5. Insta users want to make their account a reflexion of their online identity (68%)


Let these neat psychology discoveries help you in creating the best Instagram content and increase your engagement, boost your sales, bring you more followers, or whatever your purpose is.