If we combine two words “psychology” and “social media”, you will wonder what do these two phenomena have in common, won’t you? Believe it or not, much more than you could ever have imaged! Why people like, comment, share, click or make an online purchase have very simple psychological explanations. And now, in this and the upcoming posts, InstaBF will address to seven physiological facts knowing which will help you develop your Instagram marketing campaign, get more followers and increase your sales through this social network. But before we start our topic, let us remind you about the beneficial offer InstaBF has for you. Here you can order multiple likes, comments, views, and followers not only for your Instagram account but also IGTV channel, as well.

So, with the topic and its importance explained, as well as our great offer introduced, let’s head on into the mystery world of psychology and its effects on people’s behavior on Instagram.



Transparency Can Build Trust with Customers


Transparency is the key to creating reciprocally trustful relationships between a brand and a customer. Do never conceal your flaws or exaggerate your merits. By the way, InstaBF is among those services which appreciate transparent relationships with their clients.

As you know, people like to question marketing claims, hence there is no sense in hiding any product shortcomings you might have. Eventually, your customer will find out about them on their own, yet won’t look at your brand as a credible one any longer. There is such a concept in business advertising as the Lemon Ad. This is the advertising type that mentions not the merits but the flaws of the product. By the way, it works not less effective as the ordinary. So, whether you are making an Insta ad through stories or ordinary posts, remember to be frank about your services/products.



The Power of Emotions


Did you know that customers’ emotions (quite often even contagious) can serve as a powerful tool for brands? As stated in a report by Psychological Science, evoking emotions significantly increases the percentage of shared posts. And the more positive the post is, the higher that percentage is. The reason for this is that a positive post evokes happy and kind emotions in a person and, as a result, that person wants to share his momentary happiness with friends. That’s why it is recommended to avoid sad and depressing posts, giving preference to happy and funny ones enriched with emojis. A lovely emoji has been proved to activate the same part of the brain as those face-to-face interactions, thus making the one who makes the post and the one who reads it more connected.

By the way, Apple’s new emojis which are known to copy your exact facial expressions is a great means of making your followers more attached to your posts.



Reciprocity Increases Action


In fact, the concept of reciprocity is quite simple. If someone makes a good thing for you or behaves well to you, you want to do the same in return. Let’s take the simplest example: a friend has made an awesome gift to you on your birthday and you want to make your surprise even more prominent. Do you already guess how to smartly use this psychological fact to your brand’s benefit?

You, as an Instagram marketer, can organize giveaways, provide your followers with useful free content and recommendations they are most likely to be interested in, free design templates, or simply send stickers from time to time! This depends on your brand. Be certain, your concept of reciprocity will work for you as long as you are the first to give away the free thing before asking something in return (or just expecting)!