The holidays aren’t very far away, hence you shouldn’t hang around without doing anything. You’d better start planning your Instagram influencer marketing campaign right away to manage right in time!

Undoubtedly, social media influencers are already an inseparable part of promoting a business online. With this powerful marketing “tool” you can introduce your brand from the best side to new audiences and get them into the buying spirit especially during holidays! And in this and the upcoming posts, one of the most popular IG and IGTV providers of the industry InstaBF is going to share some Insta influencer marketing tips for the holiday season.



Establishing Your Goals and Plans Ahead

Have you noticed that holidays especially Christmas, Easter, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday have become synonymous with shopping?! And taking into consideration the fact that numerous people turn to particularity social media for shopping inspiration, it will be wise to make certain your brand is catching the eyes of eager consumers.  

On every holiday, every influencer turns to be very busy partnering with multiple brands and promoting their products and services. That’s why you need to hurry and plan your partnership beforehand. For this, make sure you have distinguished the following aspects:

  • The goal of your campaign (generate more sales, drive brand awareness, promote a new offer, etc.);
  • Your budget (if micro-influencers agree to free gifts, major ones charge real money and the amount differs depending on a number of factors, hence calculate your budget to target the appropriate influencers).



Getting Creative with Your Holiday Campaign

Row of light bulbs

It’s crucial to think outside the box when planning an Instagram influencer marketing campaign for the upcoming holidays. This can be anything that is not a stereotype, not used for millions of times on Instagram. You can discuss the idea with the influencer you are cooperating with, at last they know better what tier followers expect to see from them and can artfully incorporate your product/offer in their posts.



Determining Your Offerings


Now it seems that the time has come to determine what offerings you will make these holidays. Consider the followings:

What products will you promote this holiday?

Even if your brand offers a huge diversity of products, holidays are great for promoting only some of them. These can be your best-selling ones or those related to the event. It will be great to create a gift set, too, and promote it as a gift for the upcoming holidays.


How will you send your promoted products?

Consider and make it clear for your influencers what mailing service you’ll be using, where the products will be shipped from and how long it will take to deliver the goods to your influencers’. These important facts are necessary for Instagram influencers to plan what they should do.


What packages will be used to deliver the goods?

Besides determining what products you will be offering your customers this holiday, it’s also necessary to decide on the appropriate packaging. A professionally created customized packaging will set an immersive brand experience for the influencers you are collaborating with. Besides, they might be planning to unbox your offering live and let thousands and millions of their followers feel the excitement of uncovering a stylish box with lots of useful goods in it!

And finally, add a personalized note into the packaging to create a lasting impression with your Instagram influencers and the huge audience that will be watching the entire process. All these trifle-seeming things will work for your brand, remember!  

Stay tuned to get more useful tips!