Every present-day company are keep trying to promote itself on Instagram. Businessmen are extremely concentrated on social networking promotion. From the one hand, Instagram can help you to show other people inner world of your company: staff, daily process, events. From the other hand, it’s advantageous to use Instagram for making analytics of attendance and so on.

We have some tips to share with you:

  1. Profile bio should be short: write a little about company and put the link to your site. As to profile picture —- try to make it visually bright and self-explanatory.  The function of these elements implies intelligible explanation of company’s mission.
  2. Show your staff, but don’t write it’s description, users want to know how they can employ it.
  3. Create an own strategy and post pictures, which is relevant to your activity. You should remember about dependence between high-quality content and the number of followers, views, comments and likes. It would be great to show human faces or corporative events, it’ll promote interoperability.  It’s very important confine definite content strategy. The optimal time of reminding about yourself is bidaily — posts don’t annoy, users keep product in mind. Audience will always wait new content in definite time.
  4. The next important tip is to involve clients in marketing campaign. To know more about this point you would better learn conversational marketing. Briefly writing, this marketing concept is about methods how to organize interactive space effectively and how to provide friendly communication with clients.

Take the knowledge and use it.