Nowadays Instagram allows not only to share photos, but you can also earn money on it by running your business or by advertising. Besides, Instagram is a platform where you can fulfill your potential, which includes sharing your talents and hobbies with like-minded people, making new friends, feeling needed and being helpful for those whom you have never seen, met or known in real life.


If you are a creative person, at first, it can be awkward to present your works to strangers or even close people like friends or family. However, as you practice more and more, and your works improve you come to the point where you can’t hide it anymore and realize that your art should be shared with people. In this case, you can make use of Instagram by uploading your verses, pictures or photos on it. It is much easier to post your works on the Internet rather than show them to your relatives, because they normally can’t make a sober estimate of what you do, while strangers are more likely to give an adequate response. That is why you should consider Instagram as a good platform where you can express yourself and find followers.


People are social beings. And we all like to be a part of some events or groups. But where should a person look for followers if he or she is an introvert, a person who is afraid of social communication and people in general? The answer is on Instagram, of course!

Subscribers on Instagram won’t suddenly invite you for a cup of tea, but they will always like your photo and leave a comment below to remark on it.


You can’t find a worthy community of interest? Create it! On some forums moderators can miss your messages or you can clash with other users and there will be nobody to protect you. On Instagram your account is your territory: you are free to publish what you want and ban those who don’t agree with you. Besides, it is always pleasant when people listen to your opinion. And if a person follows your account then it means that your opinion is interesting.