Are you an Instagram brand in a search of new ways of promoting your business on other platforms? Why not try to repurpose Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories and see how it will work for your brand?! In fact, you can re-use the content you have already posted on Instagram to post it on Facebook. There’s absolutely nothing difficult in this. And right now we are going to discuss three various ways of repurposing Gram Stories to Facebook Stories. InstaBF, your best friend in the world of IG and IGTV providers, will also refer to the major differences between Instagram and Facebook Stories.



Instagram Stories vs. Facebook Stories


The first thing that strikes the eye is that Facebook Stories haven’t managed to gain the same success that Instagram Stories have. However, this doesn’t make it impossible to grow a brand’s organic reach and get distinguished among competitors. And if you want to try, here are the most critical differences (and some similarities) between the Stories of these two major social network to consider:



User Interface


To start it, it’s worth mentioning that when the matter concerns the user interface of these two networks, we have got many likenesses along with differences. Opening the camera of Facebook Stories, you can see options for Boomerang, Live video, normal and video on Facebook. The only options missing compared to Gram are Hands-Free, Rewind, Superzoom, and Type).

Both networks permit adding AR filters to images/videos, yet Facebook is much ahead of Instagram in this. You see, whereas Gram suggests fifty various filters on average (obviously custom brand filters not counted), Facebook offers more than one hundred filters!

Another likeliness between these two platforms is that they both allow posting images or videos older than 24 hours from your smartphone as Stories. However, if you can post several images or videos at once on Gram, the same can’t be done on Facebook.

Gram Stories can be replied with a DM or a comment, Facebook Stories have a “follow” CTA on those accounts you aren’t a follower, yet.

These were the main user interface points to consider.



Features & Creative Tools


People love to customize Stories making them even more attractive and engaging (beneficial especially for brands). For this, they need unique tools and features, which are more generously provided by Instagram than by Facebook. Here you can make use of only GIF, location, poll, time and name stickers. What refers to the drawing tools, Facebook Stories gives only two options compared to Instagram’s several ones.

The colors just as the types (though named differently) of fonts provided are five for both networks.

And finally, once the matter concerns to backgrounds and filters, the prize goes to Facebook (this is surprising, isn’t it?). If there are only twelve filters available on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories offer as many as several dozens of filters and effects to enrich your content with.