Are you running a blog and searching a way to promote it efficiently? Why not use such a powerful tool as Instagram?! This is the current most influential visual content-based social media used by more than 70% of USA businesses. And even though you might be already using other social platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc., none can boost your blog’s popularity better than Instagram does. In fact, Instagram, with its 500 million active daily users, will take your content promotion and engagement with your audience to a whole new level!

And so, InstaBF, the leading service providing Insta likes, comments, and followers on a profitable basis, is going to reveal the main steps that can help you to promote your blog on Instagram.

Step 1: Introducing Yourself

The first step implies introducing yourself as a blogger. For this, it’s crucial to complete your profile bio. Do never leave it blank! The bio should be short and accurate, content brief information about who you are, what’s your passion and what interesting you can offer to Instagram users. A CTA (call-to-action) should be included here, too. The latter is to be catchy and contain a link to your blog. It’s your best chance to give a direct way for your followers to your blog’s content.

Step 2: Posting Relevant and Quality Content

Before you make any post, take such criteria into great consideration as the quality and relevancy of the content. For this, first scheme a list of all types of Insta posts associated to your blog that you can create. The stuff you are going to post should, by all means, be high-quality, i.e. include captivating images with cool filters and light effects, text overlays, entertaining captions, etc.

Step 3: Capturing Screens of Your Blog’s Posts

To drive traffic to your actual blog, screen-capture the current post you have made on your blog and post it on your Instagram page. Make some additions, if you find it more expedient. This may include a short description of the post, proper hashtags, CTA to lead your followers immediately to your blog.

Step 4: Follow Other Bloggers on Instagram

If you are an ambitious blogger, it means you should also follow other bloggers on Instagram. Don’t be scrupulous to like, follow and comment those bloggers’ posts. Remember that those bloggers’ posts should be similar to your own blog. This way you will not only get actual and authentic information that will really interest you but also get more followers to both your Insta profile and blog.

Step 5: Sharing Stuff Behind the Scenes

Are you eager to build a genuine trust among bloggers? If yes, then be transparent. Share some stuff that represents your work behind the scene. This may be the process of your typing the new post, your search for content in a library (preferably beautiful and impressive), the process of interviewing your guest, etc.

Step 6: Teasing About What’s Coming

Have you recently been working on something truly cool and grandiose? Why not tease your audience through the Instagram page and create a hype and excitement around it? Just take a picture what you are currently working on without revealing much. Scheme a custom banner poster that includes some captivating text or a short video, and post it via an Instagram story. Be certain, your followers will expect your new blog posts passionately.