One can’t deny that Stories form if not the basis of Instagram, then at least one of the most important features. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when launching Instagram is checking your friends’ stories and, of course, creating yours for that day. With people becoming more and more creative, it becomes quite harsh to compete with today’s leading stories. Putting aside the social media’s updates and new features that we constantly expect so much, putting our creative muscles to work becomes a necessity. Actually, there are so many under-used current features from gimmicks to cool tricks that can help us scheme simply fabulous Instagram stories to amaze our followers and attract new ones. And today, InstaBF, a reliable provider of Instagram likes, comments and followers on an affordable and timely basis, wants to share some grandiose ideas with you.


A Photo inside a Photo


Putting a selfie sticker on your Instagram Story is the same as having an image inside another. Needless to say how funky this looks! Besides, this trick gives you much space for working out your imagination and implementing the bravest ideas. How to do it? Just adhere to the following guide:

  1. Open your stories;
  2. Record or upload a story;
  3. Open the stickers for stories;
  4. Choose the icon “camera”;
  5. Take a selfie or a simple photo (the choice is up to you);
  6. Move the new selfie/photo to the necessary spot.


Playing with this feature as much as you want, you’ll create some fantastic stories!



Making Live Photos Boomerangs

Live photos are always so nice as long as you know how to use them productively but what if we turn them into Instagram boomerang stories? Won’t they become even more interesting? For this, no magic trick is needed. A couple of steps mentioned below will help you create a marvelous Instagram Story today!

  1. Pick up a live photo or take a new one;
  2. Open the Stories feature;
  3. Upload your live photo;
  4. Tap and hold the live photo till it is converted into a Boomerang.




A Revealing Instagram Story


Most probably you haven’t used the brush tool so much (if you’ve ever used) for creating Instagram Stories. And today, it’s high time you do this little funny trick, and amuse your followers. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Stories in Normal Mode;
  2. Upload your photo;
  3. Pick up a brush;
  4. Tap and hold long on the color you wish;
  5. Pick up the eraser;
  6. Erase the little space on the photo you want to be seen.



Bring in the Rainbow

You definitely love writing in colors. And who doesn’t? It’s a cool trend and the cooler is only to write in rainbow colors. For this, you could select a color for each letter one by one. But you are searching a way to do it like a Pro, don’t you? We’ll tell you how to.

So, choose the text that you want to turn into a rainbow. Using only one finger tap and hold the color you want. Use another finger to hold tightly to the blue text selector line. Once done, you’ll need to move those both fingers at the same speed. Don’t hope to succeed form the first time. Try this technique a couple of times and you will get your speed and coordination right. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll create rainbow texts for Instagram Stories easily!



Adding Music to Your Stories


Music makes wonders! Life would be so boring without music, won’t it? And if you haven’t been adding music to your Instagram stories, you have missed a lot. Did you know that Instagram has announced about adding a native music feature to Stories? Nevertheless, till that, we’ll have to follow these simple steps and DIY:

  1. Open your phone’s music application;
  2. Tap the play button on the song you want to add to a Story;
  3. Open Instagram Stories and record a video.