Flowers make an event beautiful, fragrant, and simply adorable especially if that event is a wedding ceremony. Flowers have that unique power to push your big day to another level. This refers to not only flower bouquets but also flower arrangements and arbors. And you, as an Instagram user, are most probably constantly in a search for the necessary wedding attributes. To facilitate your task, we have made some serious research here on InstaBF’s blog and separated some of the best wedding florists you should follow on Instagram. InstaBF is your faithful service providing Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments and followers on an affordable basis. Here are they in no particular order:





The Byron Bay-based florists Poppy and Fern are real geniuses. The designers have styled several grandiose wedding ceremonies and celebrations. And anything they touch with their blooms, they transform into a real miracle. Besides wedding flower decorations, this brand also does flower crown workshops for brides and their bridesmaids. Their Instagram grid pleases the eye with pinks, purple and peach soft flowers. 





Bondi-based company George & Smee are engaged in creating mind-blowing floral arrangements, as well as furniture, styling and prop hire. You see, you can make use of a combination of services and have a fantastic event organized! Just have a look at their Instagram account and get amazed by inspiring table setups, sunny and bright flowers, and fun quotes, as well as some behind the scenes of media events you will find interesting to see. 





These astonishing Sydney-based florists offer fabulous arrangements of bright blooms and setups. They are professionals in handling any wedding, let that be big or small. Having nearly 30k followers on Instagram, this brand keeps an amazing theme with photos of lovely flower arrangements. Their feed is bright and captivating full of diverse blooms in different colors. 





Flirty Fleurs with around 59k followers on Instagram is one of the leading blogs in the industry of flowers. The blogger is also a remarkable floral designer who has concentrated on exceptional flower types. Their Instagram profile is filled with one-of-a-kind images of blooms, floral arrangements, as well as behind-the-scenes of their work. Here flowers form a unique piece of art. 





Federica Ambrosini is known as the flower princess of Italy. This amazing floral designer offers an unforgettable tour to luxurious weddings and other high-end events she has decorated the halls for on her Instagram account. Over 46k Instagram users are keeping an eye on her works and breath-taking images!





This Instagram account belongs to a prominent UK flower writer and photographer Rona Wheeldon. This woman really knows which flowers are the most beautiful for the camera and has a keen eye for detail. Just have a look at her Insta page and you will get the utmost pleasure from the out-of-the-box approach Rona has toward photographing flowers.