Instagram is the platform where real customers engage with their favorite brands the most. This, in its turn, makes brands rely on this social platform more than before. Therefore, a well-developed active Instagram account can appear much more beneficial for any business than an attracting website. The number of new visitors that an Instagram account can bring is much higher than that of people visiting a website.

Nevertheless, even if you are attracted by all this, by simply opening an account on Instagram and filling it with your brand’s content won’t be enough to achieve success. It’s mandatory to create a solid profile which will capture your target audience’s attention and provide you with brand awareness. So, it’s time to start optimizing your business’s Instagram page for maximum exposure. With InstaBF by your side, you will achieve the success you crave for! Here you can always order IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views at the most affordable prices in the market. All this, together with the following tips, will help you create a truly working Instagram profile and develop your business.



Intriguing Bio


The first point of contact for your target audience is your bio. The latter reflects your brand’s nature, hence be certain the bio you have written includes a concise yet attractive description, as well as hashtags relevant to your niche, a link to your website, online store or blog.

As an Instagram bio is the particular place where you can convert visitors into customers, it’s highly crucial to find a way of engaging your audience even with few words so that they make a quick decision and follow you. One or two sentences in the bio must be clear, wisely constructed and picture your brand from the most relevant and attractive side.



Attractive Captions


Visually stunning pictures are effective as long as they are accompanied with catchy captions. Particularly this content can encourage a visitor to engage with your brand. Instagram captions can be quite long – up to 2200 characters. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should fill the space with unnecessary words. Keep every caption simple, easy to comprehend, readable, and well-versed. A good caption must include the most important words in the beginning, contain relevant hashtags and end with a simple CTA. Your followers (potential or real customers) should feel every caption was created especially for them!



Encourage Engagement


Every Instagram user is in a search for compelling and fresh content to engage with. Accordingly, use the most valuable Instagram metrics (likes, comments, and views) to make your posts appear on your followers’ feeds. Just share exciting stuff, ask people to comment and develop conversations and be sure they will do. Organic comments left by followers interested in your content will bring you the so-desired engagement. Remember to respond to comments and DMs as frequently as it is possible. This way you will show close attention to your community and increase trust in you.



Switching to Business Account


And finally, switching to a business account is a must. The latter has a series of better features compared to a regular account. You can gather information on how your posts are performing on Instagram or how users respond to them, break down the insights thus enhancing your content even more. Additionally, switching to a business profile, your brand’s contact information will be displayed so that Insta users can reach you right on this platform.