It is quite possible that you will have a casual night in this New Year Eve. Perhaps you are too tired for outdoor fun and festivities or you are simply being budget conscious. In all cases, that shouldn’t be a reason to disappoint your followers with an absent Story! Besides, it’s really sad when you are dressed up to a holiday yet have nowhere to go.   

You need to make your New Year’s Eve visionary, as with every guest you welcome, let that be your significant other or a friend, you get a thousand photo opportunities! Making the most of your closet and imagination, you are certain to get some really dazzling social media-worthy images! Throw some glitter in the air and take a shoot, get closer to the window while there are fireworks outdoors and take a shoot… Variants are numerous, just choose one that fits you most. Can’t make up your own ideas? Well, InstaBF, a leading brand name in the industry of Instagram and IGTV providers, is going to share with you some simple yet working ways of creating thematic images right for your New Year’s Eve. Ready? Let’s get it started!



Model Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies are so popular as never before! And you can freely be out-of-the-box by setting the mirror your backdrop just as Gigi Hadid did! Just see what a glamorous picture she got by simply standing before the mirror in her little black dress and hair rock-messed. Find an appropriate caption such as “I’m working on a new me”, for instance, and your great Story is ready!



Bored with my Bestie


There’s absolutely nothing wrong about being a bit sassy and blunt with your boredom. If you are hanging out with your bestie this New Year’s Eve, it’s quite possible that you two will be simply drinking hot tea or chocolate, and not the champagne with bubbles! Using this moment to show that it is actually not dreary to sip from a distance while others are getting drunk in clubs. In all cases, some hot gossip and a hot date are guaranteed! The best caption for the case is “Drink responsibly”!



Staying in with My Squad

Do you know what’s the magic of New Year’s Eve? Anything could happen this evening! In fact, it’s a start of something new and you may never know how you will end up the night. Perhaps your dear squad will visit you and you will end up singing at a karaoke joint. In all cases, your night will be well-spent and worth showing in your Instagram Story!

A great caption for the occasion can be “I can’t really see another squad tryna cross us” by Drake.



Chilling with Your Cat


Hey, it’s time to wake the cat lady in you! New Year’s Eve can’t be thorough without your best bud lying next to you or on your legs. You are a dynamic duo and can make real wonders with your four-legged friend! Decorate it with a garland or sparkles! Make some crazy selfies with your cat under the Christmas Tree and post an Instagram Story. Be certain, no one will notice you aren’t celebrating New Year outdoors once they see the charming muzzle of your kitten (well, that may be your puppy, as well). Such a post can be accompanied with a “You have got to be kitten me, it’s New Years?!” caption.