In social media, Instagram influencers have their own place. And as time passes, their significance in social marketing increases with huge steps. You, as an ordinary Instagram user, must have been come across posts by social stars in your feed. And this tendency is sure to be increasing even more in this new year. Moreover, this type of collaborations between Instagram influencers and brands has almost replaced all other traditional advertisement types. They make an impressive part of social media strategy nowadays. InstaBF is sure that you too, like the vast majority of ordinary Instagram users, wonder how much such influencers earn! Let’s find out this together.

First of all, it’s important to remember there is no fixed price for all influencers. A number of factors exist that determine the price. These are:

  • Number of followers
  • Quality of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Location
  • Industry or Niche
  • Budget requirements

Collaborating with Big Instagram Influencers

If we count how much an ordinary advertisement costs to a brand, we shall come to the conclusion that collaborations wits Insta influencers is definitely much more beneficial. For instance, around $5 million is required for delivering the thirty-second ad to around 100 million viewers the greatest part of which is sure to be not the target audience. Cooperating with an influencer, meanwhile, you invest in the advertisement that reaches to a fixed number of exceptionally interested people. Did you know, that a successful fashion blogger- Instagram influencer with around half a million followers can promote the whole product line sale in only 24 hours by making a number of posts?! However, such mega-influencers cost not little. They demand around $1000 for a single post on Instagram and around $5000 for a single one-minute product video! But it’s really worth the money, isn’t it?!

Collaborating with Micro-Influencers

As we have already mentioned in one of our past articles, 2018 promises to be a good year for micro-influencers. As a rule, these Insta users have from 10 000 to 100 000 followers or sometimes even fewer. And if some (with less engagement or fewer followers) influencers agree to free products for making posts, the greatest part of them accept their profiles as the only means of income. These social media “smaller stars” get around $300 per post.

Most Attractive Spheres of Influencers

It’s obvious that far not all spheres Instagram influencers are mastered in are priced the same. Let’s have a look at the most popular spheres influencers are specialized in:

  • Entertainment
  • Health and fitness
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Food and drink
  • Home and lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Art and Design

InstaBF’s Offer

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