If you compare the engagement on Instagram you got last year with that you receive this year after Instagram’s algorithm system changed and made everything even more complicated, you will notice a drastic difference and not to your benefit. So, to make your brand a must-have in your users’ feeds without making the accent on advertisements, you will need to resort to some workarounds. InstaBF, your beloved IG and IGTV provider, is going to help you make your posts visible and Instagram algorithm work in your favor. Here are the most efficient workarounds.



Make an Investment in a Photographer or Videographer


Instagram is the social platform where quality reigns supreme! To stand out in the crowd, your photo and video content must be eye-catching and designed especially for storytelling. And taking into consideration the fact that Insta videos are set on auto-play, they must be made to the highest level so that Insta users get attracted to see your videos on their feeds constantly. If you have no unique ideas or conveniences to shoot superb-quality videos, it’s worth investing in a photographer or a videographer.

Live videos are also of high importance nowadays.



Run Instagram Contests

Among those several surefire ways of increasing your Instagram engagement is frequently running contests. It’s known that people love free items and are always willing to do a couple of clicks or other simple tasks in order to raise their chances of getting a nice gift. The frequency of your contests may vary just as the gifts promised, yet the idea of increasing your brand awareness and engagement on this social network remains the same.



Make Frequent Instagram Stories


In order to get around the decrease in post engagement, you can expand your posting in another area – Instagram Stories, to be more precise. This amazing feature offers an array of engagement opportunities with the newest Poll feature as one of the most beneficial. Remember, that the higher your engagement is the more probable your posts will appear in the feed as the “all-mighty” Algorithm considers all the actions of engagement such as even replying to a Story.



Jump on Trends

One of the most important factors in the Instagram algorithm is timeliness. Whether this is a hashtag trend or an image trend, make certain you don’t fall behind. However, this doesn’t mean you should participate in every viral meme. Choose only those trends which are applicable to your brand. For instance, on Halloween, thematic nail art designs were of great popularity on Instagram. Most brands used this trend to showcase their creative skills and remind about the great upcoming Holiday!



Pick Out Active Hours for Posting


Scheduling posts to those hours when your followers are most active will significantly increase your Instagram engagement. According to the statistics, the best times for posting are around 3 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4 PM on Thursdays, and 5 AM on Thursdays and Fridays. However, depending on your brand type, the time may differ. InstaBF has already written about the ways you can use to find out the best times for posting on Instagram. Make sure you use our recommendations.



Scheme a Strong Visual Brand

Having a strong visual brand is the key to achieving success among Instagram users. This way your brand will be easily identified through photos. They will subconsciously associate your brand with certain visual attributes. There are multiple brands you can take an example of. They are bright, original and always make easily recognizable posts. If you want to outsmart the Instagram algorithm, scheming a strong visual brand is mandatory.