It’s been proved that posting questions on Instagram is a direct way of increasing your engagement and attracting new people. Besides, questions are one of the most underutilized types of Instagram posts yet. To stand apart from numerous other businesses and use Instagram as an opportunity to engage with your followers, use the right types of questions. InstaBF, a popular provider of IG and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers, will gladly present to your attention some of the most creative and working types of questions you can use to critically increase your IG engagement rate! So, let’s head on!



What Are You Working On?


This question gives one an opportunity to open up and start a conversation, and people love to talk about themselves. So why not utilize it on social media?! Depending on your business type, you can a bit customize the question, include a time-related word (now, next, etc.) and post it to boost a conversation among your followers. For instance, if you’re running a restaurant business, you may post a question like “When is your next date?”. Or an IG account of a theater can give a question like “What movie are you excited to see next?”



What Inspires You?


People want to feel good and act well, but sometimes we simply lack inspiration. Despite the abundance of inspiration quotes and memes floating all around on Instagram, they can’t make such deep impression on a person as a conversation around it. Hence, next time you make an inspiration post, remember to add an appropriate question. The latter depends on the situation and the meme, yet, there are several variants you can start with:

  • Who is your hero or the most important person of your life you admire?
  • What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?
  • What can make you feel confident when making a speech in front of the full hall?


Make sure your questions aren’t too personal or revealing, just give people a chance to open up and they will do it while increasing your Instagram engagement!



Which One Do You Like?


Giving a person a chance to choose this or that, you are more likely to get an answer rather than if you’d just asked: “what’s your favorite x”. Being straightforward, this type of question triggers an immediate response. It can be widely used by a company in the product development phase, for instance.

So, counting on your Instagram business type, post a question of that type and expect multiple answers right away! Here are a couple of examples:

  • Which of these dresses should I wear to my upcoming date? (an influencer)
  • Do you prefer coffee with or without milk? (a cafe)
  • Does the image look better with the first or the second filter? (a photographer)



Did You Know?


Instagram is an amazing platform to connect,  to inspire, to sell, and … educate. Once you want to post a question, remember about the last point. Irrespective of your business type, there are so many opportunities for sharing valuable information. Just a couple of examples to inspire you:

  • Facts about the origins or process of your products.
  • Definitions of some critical lingo your business uses and your customers should be aware of.
  • Tricks to perform better in any sphere.


Your “Did you know” question must show you are an expert in your field. Yet, remember that this type of question is to create that very “ah-ha” moment that’ll boost your engagement. Hence, it mustn’t be always that serious. Share a joke or a hilarious meme, but make certain you don’t cross a line and your followers won’t get offended anyway.