“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” once said a wise man and this is absolutely true! Traveling becomes an inseparable part of our lives once we head to a new country for the first time. It penetrates into our veins and drives us to explore new unknown lands. But before heading to somewhere, it’s really worth getting some useful tips on where to stay, what to eat, what to see and generally how to live as a local while you are away. And who can give you the best recommendations if not Instagram travel aficionados! Following their inspirational and mind-blowing posts, you can’t but hurry to pack things and pass the same path that they did. And now, InstaBF wants to present to your attention some of the most outstanding travel influencers we could find on Instagram. Be prepared for a breathtaking visual journey!


Some of the best photos of the world’s cities and unbelievable places are gathered here, at earthpix. With almost five thousand posts representing all the miracles one can find both in well-known and not yet popular places of this world, this Instagram travel blog has attracted nearly thirteen million followers! By following this blog, expect to be surprised by blissful beaches, snow-capped mountains, colorful forests, cute wild animals and plenty of other eye candies from around the world!


Ready for drop-dead photos of the world’s most diverse traveling destinations? Then have a look any of the nearly eight thousand posts made by this Instagram traveling influencer. It chronicles not only the most attractive destinations from around the globe but also the hotels, cuisine, and plenty of other stuff connected with traveling. All the photos of this Instagram blog were captured by talented and creative photographers, who picture both the best of nature and what people created in juicy and lush colors. Beautiful Destinations has almost eleven million followers! Join them if you are not indifferent to traveling.

@muradosmann & @natalyosmann

Most probably, you are aware of the popular #FollowMeTo travel inspo duo and that very hand-holding pose that quickly became iconic with multiple couples on the go. And this Instagram blog belonging to this popular couple Murad and Nataly Osmann is going to turn your world upside down with the jaw-dropping images made in diverse countries. Each photo taken on the background of a local destination shows the whole beauty of the local culture, fashion, and style. Become one of the four and a half million followers to witness some really gorgeous photos.


Wonderful Places Instagram account suggests digging into the heaven on the earth. It presents around five and a half thousands posts of most magical places from around the globe! The account operates more likely a community than an ordinary blog. It combines around five-million user-generated images that all make you wish to appear right there at the same moment! And now, there are around ten and half million users following every post made by the Wonderful Places.

These were the marvelous traveling blogs to get inspired and attracted to traveling yourself. InstaBF guarantees you are going to get madly in love with each and every photograph you view! Just the same way, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the portion of Instagram likes, comments and followers ordered from InstaBF! We are the service you can fully rely on!