Instagram allows to create and post both images and videos for promoting your business on this social network. However, most brands opt for images as they are easier and quicker to create. In fact, over 72% of all Instagram posts are images, nearly 10% are carousels and only nearly 17% are videos. If you run your business on Instagram and want to drive sales, you shouldn’t limit yourself to images and carousels. And if you have been using videos yet without any significant results, then most probably there are some mistakes you have omitted. Today InstaBF is going to go over five basic mistakes that Instagrammers make when it comes to video posts. Let’s remind you that InstaBF is a leading platform for ordering comments, views, likes, and followers for IG and IGTV accounts.



Posting the Same Video Content on Different Social Platforms


If you’ve posted a video on a social network and it worked well, it doesn’t mean you can expect the result after posting the video on Instagram. Before you do that, make research of your audience and find out whether they will like your video content or not. Remember that videos content posted on Gram shouldn’t be longer than a minute. Moreover, according to Hubspot’s researches, a perfect Instagram video isn’t longer than 30 seconds. The size difference matters a lot, too. For instance, Instagram newsfeed videos are better to be square, while those you post as Stories will look their best in a vertical form. Here too, avoid posting the same content in your newsfeed and Stories.



Not Adding Overlay Text on Videos


Most Instagrammers watch videos in mute. Some of them are at their workplace, while others simply don’t like keeping the volume on their smartphones. Accordingly, adding overlay text becomes a must. Fortunately, most brands have understood the importance of subtitles and overlay text, and benefit from that significantly. Besides, it won’t be bad to have the video accompanied only by music while the meaning explained with overlay text.



Not Making the Most of IGTV


IGTV is relatively a new platform with still low competition and high reach. It’s a pity but few businesses have their accounts on IGTV while those who have are majorly inactive. If you put some effort now on this platform, be certain you will benefit a lot from it later. Drive as much engagement as you can now and create your following till more people join and the algorithm is changed.



Not Taking Notice of Captions


Undoubtedly, the photo or video you post is the most critical part of the content, yet you shouldn’t neglect captions. Just as you add captions to your images, add them to videos. However, it will be a great mistake if you write a detailed explanation of what the video is about right under it. Instead, you can provide some context to it thus making it easy to follow and encourage more engagement. Just the same way, you can add a CTA. The latter will help you achieve your goal easier.



Not Promoting Your Videos


It’s a good starting point to create and share video content on Instagram, yet without a good promotion, it won’t bring your business palpable benefits. Hence, conduct outreach and have influencers share your videos. As time passes, people will start sharing your video content for free and there will be no need to pay to influencers. You can also make use of shout for a shout technique, that implies sharing others’ videos and having them respond identically.