Quality of your Instagram pictures plays a great role. That is why you should post pixel-peepable photos in your Instagram profile. The best content will promote your account. It doesn’t matter what type of account it is: business or personal. Interesting content will beef up your sales, amount of followers, likes and comments.The easiest way to get a huge number of likes and comments is to buy them.

Thus if you want not only your friends and family to check your account, but other people too, if you need to promote your account and make it work for you, then you must post high-quality photos.

In addition to it, we know strategies aimed at drawing users’ attention.


Many girls and women like cute kids. If you upload pictures of them, as a result you will have comments, likes and followers, who are ready to communicate. But we must admit that photos look better when kids are pretty and clean.


We know lots of examples of popular pet accounts! Hedgehogs, cats, hamsters, dogs and so on. What bars you from this? Funny pets is one of the best ways to win Instagram world love. Be creative! Besides, take a look at funny clothes for pets, it can be interesting for people too.


Statistics show that selfies get more likes than other pictures. Every photo should be well-thought-out. Of course, you will agree that it is a bad decision to post lots of identical photos, where you look bad. Please, pay attention to the background. It is sometimes disgusting to see a mess on the background. And you want to make a good impression, don’t you?

Books & Magazines

Books and magazines

These items are very aesthetic! InstaBF knows a lot of popular book blogs on Instagram with such wonderful content. Try and see the beauty of books!


Taking pictures of food is also an all-time Instagram thing. Appetizing food and cups create a cozy atmosphere, and photos of them can inspire people and make them follow you.



Posting landscapes is a non-losing strategy. Through taking pictures of this you can show your specific seeing of the world. And then your Instagram profile can become some kind of your personal art gallery, because nature and architecture are an art by their origin