An Instagram Story is perhaps the most powerful feature of this social network. And its users seem to never get tired of thinking of new ways to amaze their followers. As a reputable Instagram and IGTV provider, InstaBF has already provided you with several amazing ideas on how to make some creative Instagram stories. But now we’d like to add other killing ideas from Gram leading brands. We are sure, good ideas are never enough!



Gary Vaynerchuk Recommends Creating Content Series

It’s really hard to come up with grandiose content ideas every day to post on your social media account. On the other hand, it’s impossible to create a firm connection with your audience if you are behaving inconsistently on Instagram, or there is no brand theme in your content. What to do? Start with content series! This idea was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk. That’s how he manages to appear to his audience with fresh and quality content every day! Just have a look at Gary’s #WallPaperWednesday or the #60SecClub story series.



Condé Nast Travaler Suggests Recycling and Building on Other Content

Another creative idea is to recycle the best of other content you have, such as blog posts, images or videos and turn it into something new. Surely, you need only a small part of that content, while the thorough variant can still be used where it was planned. For this, just make certain that your Story viewers will get the value of the story without being obliged to click over the see the original content. For instance, Condé Nast Traveler is quite a success in this. Just watch the annual road trip guide of this account and get inspired how to balance fun facts and your promotional CTA.



You Can Share UGC just as Mercedes Benz Does

As an Instagram brand, you must be aware that customers can become an untapped source of wonderful content! Just ask them if you can share their posts and be certain, they will be more than simply grateful for that! This will bring them some new followers, while you will have a great idea of always fresh and authentic Instagram Story ideas! For example, Mercedes Benz shares Stories with its customers’ images on a regular basis. This way this mega-popular brand effectively promotes its cars while sharing stunning stories for its followers!



Starbucks Collaborates and Posts Interviews

Like every brand should do, Starbucks has constant interviews with its followers. The results are always awesome and can serve as a win-win content for Stories.

Recently, this famous brand cooperated with S’well and a talented artist Curtis Kulig to create a unique design for its new bottle. After this, Starbucks used its interview with this artist as an Instagram story which was a great success among its followers.

Just the same way, you can showcase someone’s thoughts behind your new product release if you are running a business on Instagram.



Go Behind the Scenes with Aritzia

Every business has much more than it meets the eye. So does your Instagram business! What else if not some grandiose behind-the-scenes content can make highly compelling Instagram stories! Every fan loves to see and learn how his favorite product comes together, so why not show that to them?! If you are a fashionista, most probably you are familiar with a fashion boutique Aritzia. Quite lately, the official Instagram account if this boutique revealed how they created the design of their new window display using 3D printing. So can you do. Whether you have a big business or just sell handmade things through your Instagram account, the stuff behind the scenes will always be attractive to your followers. Use this idea from time to time.