Instagram users love to buy

To a great delight of social marketing specialists, a large number of active Instagram users are also extremely active shoppers. And they often use the Instagram functionality to share their recent purchases with their friends, discuss their shopping experience, comment on their friends’ fitting room photos. It is a natural process of communication and it may be extremely effective if you integrate it in your promotional campaign. More than 50% of Instagram users are following this or that brand. In some cases, they just click “follow” because they are real fans of certain products. Another reason is that they would like to get special discounts, take part in various events and stay tuned.

The brands and various business accounts also often follow back – this makes their followers even more attached – it is just very nice to get likes.

Instagram users like to interact with branded content

Detailed analysis of likes, shares and comments for this or that post helps to understand which content evokes a better response from the target audience. Using the results of this analysis you can adjust your marketing strategy. The leading marketing specialists point out much more active user interaction with any branded content on Instagram in comparison with other social media. For example, the post published on Instagram will get 331 likes after 10.000 views while the tweet viewed by the same number of users will get only 7 shares.

Young audience on Instagram

Users who are 18-29 years old are not the most numerous ones on Instagram, still, they definitely prefer this social media to Facebook (23% of these users logged in on Facebook only once a month). Snapchat and Tumblr are also very popular. The Pew Research Center found out that 53% of users aged 18-29 are active Instagram users, and more than a half of them log in every day. So, the majority of Instagram users are young people, so the most popular brand communities on Instagram are dedicated to clothing and hi-tech. So, if your products are intended for youth, Instagram is the most efficient platform for social media marketing.