The new 2018 year is a lot promising not only for ordinary Instagram users but also for Instagram marketers. For instance, such new features as the capability of following hashtags, or the Alpha Test Program which was designed for marketers to experiment with updates of their productions, were brought forward for increasing the opportunities of Instagram businesses even more. And right now right here, at InstaBF’s blog, we have amassed several most essential tips and recommendations left by industry leading professional marketing managers. By adhering to them, you’ll succeed in creating some really fascinating content to grow your following and sales on Instagram.

Using Instagram’s Strength

According to Daniel Holtzman (from the Spark Group)The engrossing and notoriously engaging feature of Instagram make it a strong platform for content, yet a weak one for advertising, as people won’t likely leave their feed to pass to a company’s website. Yet, turning this weakness into strength, you may benefit from your paid content even more than from organic content. For instance, why not make use of Instagram carousel ads in your e-commerce campaign to showcase your customers up to ten products in a single ad unit?! These can also be several descriptions of the same product. Besides, the cost per conversion in carousel posts is around 30%-50% lower than that of an ordinary image link advertisement. This Instagram feature is sure to give a great boost to your services or products.

Attracting Customers on Instagram Silently

Did you know, that according to the surveys carried out, only around 15% of Instagram users watched videos with the sound switched on? Taking into account this information, it becomes obvious that basing the whole essence of an Instagram video advertisement on its audio won’t give any results. Moreover, it will appear senseless unless the sound it on. As Raychale Dukeman (from LYFE Marketing) states, the content advertised is to be so strong that it can convey the company’s services or products even without any audio.

For succeeding in such an advertisement, the latter should be represented in bold and luscious colors, look either funny or enthralling, feature well-crafted text in eye-catching fonts, and, of course, a captivating CTA.

Instagram Stories as the «Heavy Artillery»

Brian DiFeo from The Mobile Media Lab states that Instagram stories bring twice or trice more engagement than regular posts do. Incorporate this fact into your business strategy and provide your followers with real-time updated content. You can integrate such features into your brand’s Insta images as locations or features before making a Story. This way you may let your audience know about the current promotions or events.

So, as you see, these are great ways of boosting an Instagram business and creating really powerful advertisements. All the three tactics are tried by the industry leading experts and are a win-win option for your brand, too. InstaBF is the service which can boost your Instagram account’s engagement and increase the number of your followers. Just order as many Instagram likes, comments and followers as you may need!