Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that gives modern marketer plenty of stuff to take advantage of. With new concepts emerging constantly it becomes hard to have this social media under control. For instance, with their appearance, Instagram Story Highlights feature changed the rules of a game making strategists think twice about what they are doing. Beyond any doubts, this feature is immensely beneficial for brands, yet far not all of them have incorporated highlights into their marketing strategies. If you are one of them, InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, is going to present everything important about the feature and state why you should already be using it. 



Instagram Story Highlights: What Are They?


Instagram Stories became a real hit once they appeared on the platform. Many users love the feature of Stories to disappear twenty-four hours after posting it. Yet, when you invest much effort, time and funds, you feel somewhat disappointed. In response to numerous “disappointed” users, Instagram brought forward the Instagram Stories Highlights feature. Now any Story you make is automatically archived allowing users to share the most beloved Stories in self-curated collections called highlights. They can be found right under bios. It’s up to you what to store, showcase or delete as a highlighted Story. Highlights can be modified only through the Instagram application on a smartphone while the web version only displays them. 

If you wonder how many highlight “groups” you can create, be calm. The number is endless! Anyway, every group must have no more than one hundred Stories. If you upload more than that Instagram will delete the oldest Stories replacing them with the new ones. 



Original Ways of Using Instagram Stories Highlights


Beyond any words, the content you save in the highlights is very important since they are created to represent your brand from the best angle. Make sure every highlight you share delivers the right sort of message to your audience. These are like a synopsis – a quick look at what the company is and how it can satisfy you as a client.

Here are several ways of using Instagram Stories Highlights creatively:


Highlight a Product/Service


Stories highlights can first be used to showcase a whole collection or a separate product/service. You can create a countdown to the launch of your new product line and make an arrival Story saying “It’s finally here”. Follow all this with a separate Storytelling the benefits of the new products and proof by a satisfied client. 



Add Clickable Links/Swipe Ups to Highlight to Grow Your Traffic


Once an Instagram account has more than 10k followers he has access to the “Swipe Up” feature. If you don’t have such a huge following, you can still benefit by using the @mention sticker and a #linkinbio to direct traffic to your brand’s URL. 



Create How-To, Tutorial, FAQ Highlights


Regardless of the type of the industry or the field of operation, a brand must have Tutorial, FAQ, and How-To Highlights collections. They make the most-visited Stories highlights type. So, you’d better spend enough time to create a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions with accurate answers to them to get the most from this feature. When creating them, remember that every clip is limited to 15 seconds. Hence, keep them short and divide your explanations to several sections to deliver your message thoroughly.