During the past several years, the world’s youth has “migrated” from Facebook to Instagram. This platform of visual content attracts more and more young people every day, yet it can’t be considered more or less safer than Facebook. Here, too teenage users need caution and protection to avoid any profanity or inappropriate content, while the risk of hate mail and cyberbullying can put a young Instagrammer into a series of troubles. To stay away from all these dangers while posting your daily life into everyone’s view, it’s crucial to demonstrate a high level of caution and adhere to several rules. And now InstaBF, the popular source to order Instagram likes, comments, and followers at a sensible price, is going to reveal five safety tips for teenage Instagrammers.

Privacy Settings

If most of the adults prefer having public profiles on Instagram, for teenage users it’s preferable to switch to private profiles. This way it becomes possible to supervise who sees your child’s photos and posts. Without your (if you have an access to your teen’s profile) or your child’s approval no Instagram user can become a follower or search the profile on the web.

The Appearance of Your Profile

Another important aspect to consider is the appearance if your teenage child’s profile. Did you know that having one’s photograph, along with first and last names, it’s possible to google that person and get such significant data as the address, the school or workplace, the family members, and even the current location? Accordingly, make sure your child’s profile is pictured with a fake picture and at least the first name. To state the last name will be an extreme step. Surely, the rest of your teenager’s profile photos should be real for his/her real friends to see. Yet, it’s definitely better to have a neutral profile picture (of the favorite celebrity, movie hero, toys, flowers, sports items, etc.).

Sharing Location

Sharing the locations of photos taken is a normal thing. Well, at least for adults. However, when the matter concerns teenage Instagrammers, who far not always can defend themselves, this becomes subject to question. Once you tag the location of your post made, it becomes seen to all your followers (for private profiles) or all Insta users (for public profiles). There seems nothing serious, doesn’t it? Yet, once the post is made, by clicking on the location mentioned, the application will show up a map to you with a dot signifying your exact location! Someone, searching your teenager, can easily find out where he/she is at the current moment! Too dangerous for children! Hence, just turn off the location setting on the Instagram application to ensure your child’s safety.

Picking Up Followers

Surely, Instagram is all about following other users and getting them following you back. But it’s mandatory to be highly attentive when letting someone you don’t know personally into your life, showing him/her your photos, or worse, contacting them through the chat. A teenage Instagram user ought to be very cautious, as you can’t be sure the fifteen-year-old girl you became friends with online is not a fifty-year-old man with abnormal thoughts.

Asking Help from Parents

Even though having your parents check up your Instagram account (i.e. your personal territory) may make you feel controlled, you, as a teenage social media user, ought to reach out to your mom or dad for help when needed. Be certain, they will help you understand and judge what you can post, and what should be kept for yourself.