You must have heard that Instagram overlay stickers have made waves of excitement on this platform. Not only ordinary users but also brands and influencers use them to create jaw-dropping and captivating content. These stickers add a vibrant pop of colors, brings in a playful and fun tone making posts one-of-a-kind. Feel tempted to use them yet can’t make out how? InstaBF, a famous IG and IGTV provider will give a detailed guide on how to create your own overlay stickers and incorporate stickers to your feed.



What Overlay Stickers Are


Instagram stickers have been a tremendous success on Stories and how they’re making their way into feeds, too. Overlay stickers include vibrant flowing lines, flowers, lightning bolts, and other amazing graphic designs. If you want to create custom overlay stickers for your Instagram images and videos, you will need to use easy-to-use design applications. Moreover, some popular influencers have undertaken selling their own custom packs of stickers which you can use instead of creating your own.

However, all those stickers must be used sparingly. Apply them exceptionally on those photos where they look great and make sense with the content curated.


Adding Overlay Stickers to Instagram Images


So, if you plan to stay on top of the overlay sticker trend this year, there are several ways how to.


  • Relying on an application for creating custom designs


There’s a proven way of creating one-of-a-kind designs – using third-party apps. Fortunately, there’re multiple apps that help to build up on-brand designs. For instance, A Design Kit app can bring a new life to your photos. It comes packed with backgrounds, stickers and realistic brushes to scheme textured or paint the photos. Over is another app you can benefit from greatly. It is packed with majorly graphic stickers. Actually, there are plenty of them from basic ones to graphic designs. Besides, they are all easily re-sizable, color can changed, opacity altered, etc.


  • A Pre-Designed IG sticker pack


The great popularity of Instagram overlay stickers drew influencers release their own packs of custom stickers. Among the most amazing downloadable packs are those by Jasmine Lorimer or Mallory Joy. These outstanding influencers allow using their trademark edits in your posts. Using a pre-designed sticker pack you will take on the trend whilst keeping your Instagram aesthetic cohesive.

Generally, every artist offers a unique way of editing and adding an overlay sticker to an image. Therefore, it’s better to check in with artists whether the stickers are compatible with a program or not.



Incorporate Overlay Stickers to Instagram Feeds


No matter what overlay stickers you like the most, it should first look cohesively with your whole brand aesthetic. An altered picture must look appropriate alongside other posts. Remember that a consistent Instagram feed will bring you higher engagement and more followers.