1,5 billion likes and comments appear on Instagram every day.

If you want to grow your Instagram audience, read this article and never make rude mistakes like these.

Private account

A private profile is the fastest way to lose followers. Why? Users don’t like to wait until you approve their requests. It can take hours, and the interest of your followers will disappear. Potential followers should instantly see what you offer them. In addition, a private business account is the worst possible idea.

Dull content

If you post dull content it is not surprising that people unfollow you. Profiles with photos of the same type are boring. Don’t confuse it with the same style – it is two different things. Always try to vary and search for creative ways to keep your instagram page interesting.

Too frequent posting

The most optimal frequency of posting is one photo a day. In any way, there is no need to post pictures one after another. You will annoy your followers and then they won’t notice you, literally. Too frequent posting makes your followers lose their interest in your Instagram profile.

Ignoring comments

To build a trustworthy and close relationship with followers, you should attentively read comments and reply to people. Your main goal is to attract and inform followers. Ignoring can lead to unfollowing. Use @ to be sure that you reply to a correct person. Notifications allow to discuss some hot topics.

No hashtags

A profile becomes noticeable when an Instagrammer uses relevant hashtags, which are close to a certain business section. With the help of hashtags users can find exactly what they are interested in. Hashtags are kind of key words. A wonderful idea can be creating your own hashtag and promoting it among followers.

No Bio

In Bio you can put an active link to your site. If you don’t have it, you miss chances to attract clients and followers to the site. Write a brief introduction, describing who you are and what kind of business you run.

No profile picture

People won’t follow a profile with no face. A profile picture is a «visiting card» to the world of your business. That is why it’s important to have a stylish and cool profile picture.