InstaBF is a reliable provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. But besides this, we are also your true guide to such a huge and powerful world like Instagram. Beyond any doubts, in this blog, you have already found answers to a hundred questions bothering you whether you are an ordinary Gram user or run a business on this social network. If you belong to the last category of Insta users, surely, working marketing tips should always interest you. And now we have prepared several amazing Instagram tips by five eCommerce entrepreneurs who have achieved great success. We are sure, expert advice from the network’s leading brands are always of a great benefit to any starter!


Focus on Engaging Content

According to Matt Hayes from Leesa, the first component of a successfully run Instagram marketing campaign is the effective content. Here this popular Instagram brand brings about several tips. Let’s check them out together:

  • Don’t neglect the power of behind the scenes content. Livestream any important or interesting office happenings and events on your Insta account as they are a true tool for humanizing your brand in the eyes of your followers.
  • You’d better be sparingly transaction on Gram.
  • Pick up like-minded brands to partner with and extend your reach. It’s a perfectly working tip!
  • Always integrate cultural holidays into your brand’s messages in a clever way. But don’t overdo with holidays!
  • To give your posts a more organic feel, make use of Insta’s native tools for creating and enhancing posts.



Add a Bit of Soul to Your Posts

If you are a mature man who loves his beard, most probably you are familiar with Beardbrand and the unique approach this brand has toward its Instagram posts. According to the Creative Director of this brand, Eric Bandholz, a bit of soul added to your feed and you will create a strong presence on this social network! Instead of falling into the trap of following the crowd as the majority of brands do (and eventually are a failure), invest in a new look to stand out.



Mix It All Up

The Co-Owner of Twin Six brand Ryan Carlson separates several tips for running a successful marketing campaign on Instagram. Among the latter, we ought to mention staying engaged, integrating sales tools, and mixing it all up when the matter concerns the feed. This brand loves to mix all its ideas and show the results on their IG account. This can be new product announcements, some flash sale posts, results of collaboration with other brands or participation in certain projects. So, the advice is as such – don’t forget about appearing diverse to your audience.



Keeping the Stuff Organic and Authentic

JM&Sons brand is a great success on Instagram. This brand sells handcrafted wood products and has already attracted quite an impressive number of followers on IG. And the Mackenzie Duncan’s advice (the founder and partner of the company) is to stay organic and authentic regardless of the situation. This way people will feel more attached to you, while all those staged and inauthentic accounts will lose their charm very quickly.



Experiment with Remarketing Advertisements

If you have got a certain budget dedicated to the media advertising of your brand, it’s worth experimenting with remarketing ads. Such ads are usually based on carousel images and videos that promote your top products. It’s also wise to use your real customers’ images (with their permission) in such ads to appear more familiar to your fans. Just take an example from Frank Body, Meepo Board, and Rothys brands.