You must have noticed that Instagram loop giveaways have become very trendy recently. These are contests with huge prizes, which. Yet, demand following a not less huge number of Instagram accounts to enter the contests. An Instagram loop giveaway is a real means of acquiring thousands of new followers overnight. These were initially brought forward by the Kardashians and are now actively used by other influencers and brands. But can these contests work as a long-term growth strategy aimed at increasing the number of followers? Or how much will it cost to organize a loop giveaway? Answers to these and many other questions you can find right here, at InstaBF’s blog. This is the service that offers not only IG and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers at affordable costs, but also helpful tips on promoting your account on Instagram.



Instagram Loop Giveaway: What Is It? 


An Instagram loop giveaway involves several accounts of influencers/brands which intend to grow their following through this type of contest. The basic rule of participating in such a giveaway contest is following the accounts of all the organizers. Ordinary, there are from 40 to 70 accounts in every giveaway. Participating accounts offer the audience quite expensive prizes such as clothing, accessories, iPhones, laptops, various goods, cosmetics, and big money. 

If in the old days when Instagram was new, loop giveaways were acquired as a black hat way of growing one’s following, today the things have drastically changed. Thanks to Kris Jenner and the Kardashians’ clan, loop giveaways are widely respected and undertaken. 



How Much Does an Instagram Loop Giveaway Cost?


There’s no precise amount of money that an Instagram giveaway costs. However, several factors heavily influence the final price of such a contest. The first factor is the participation of a celebrity in the giveaway. The next factor is the charges of the participating brands. Other factors involve the cost of the prizes and the fee of the agency.  

Nevertheless, Instagram loop giveaways are organized not only by celebrities at high prices but also by different businesses which set cheaper options at beginning influencers and brands.



The Impact an Instagram Loop Giveaway May Have on Your Brand 


The main purpose of every Instagram loop giveaway is to attract interested followers – potential customers. However, sometimes things may go the wrong direction. For instance, if the giveaway has ended and you lose the attracted followers, this can harm your brand. Rapid growth and loss of followers can’t but harm an influencer’s reputation. And many influencers don’t recommend Instagram users to take part in loop giveaways if they are serious about growing a healthy Instagram following. According to them, such contests only bring short-term success. 

On the other hand, other participants of loop giveaways show positive results. So, whether to get engaged in this Instagram phenomenon or not depends on you. But one thing is for sure – you’d better be more attracted to gaining the right followers rather than a sheer number of followers.