Most probably, we have told it a thousand times that Instagram Stories are a great means of growing an Instagram account and increasing the brand awareness. But there is a way to make these Stories even more beneficial. Wouldn’t you like to find out how to gain more targeted exposure from your Stories? InstaBF, a premier IG and IGTV provider will go over Instagram location stories in this article and reveal how they can be used for more exposure.



Why Use Location Stories?


Location stories are an amazing way of getting local exposure for a brand on this social network. This can be beneficial as for brick and mortar locations, so those who are trying to target a certain area. Location stories are capable of not only engaging your current followers but also attracting new ones who are searching for stories under a specific tag.

Besides, once you use a location sticker for your Instagram story, it will be pulled into the larger location story found on the explore feed.



Using Location Stickers to Get Noticed


On Instagram, we can differentiate two major types of location stickers – the literal location sticker and city-specific stickers. If the first makes it possible to tag the physical location or the address when making a Story, the second type shows up based on your location. Be sure that these lovely stickers can do much more than simply showing in what city you were when making the story. Story stickers are clickable and make a story a part of a larger locations story that appears on the explore page. Just imagine how many unknown people your story will be exposed to!  



How You Can Add a Location Sticker to Your Instagram Story


Adding a location sticker isn’t any difficulty. Here are the few straightforward steps to take:

  • Snap a video/photo/boomerang.
  • Tap on the “sticker” icon pictured via a smiley face you can find on the upper right.
  • Tap either the “Location” sticker or any artsy-looking city sticker.
  • After this, you will see a sticker popping up on the screen that can be customized.



Five Best Ways of Incorporating Location Stories to Your Stories


Now, when you got sure that location stickers can significantly upgrade your Instagram stories, it’s time to find out the best ways of practicing them:


Whenever you are participating in a special or industry event, share location stories for your followers to make them a part of the fun from behind the screen.


Highlighting local happenings

If you are running an Instagram account of a local business, use location stories to highlight any things happenings in your city, neighborhood. This way you will reach a wider audience and connect with your local audience.


Tag your specific location

Tagging popular areas is beneficial, no denial. Yet, it’s also important to create location stories for your own business, right from your specific address from time to time.


Using location stories and poll stickers together

To give your followers a chance to interact with you over a certain location, it will be great to combine poll stickers and location stickers.