Starting an Instagram influencer marketing can be a scary thing especially when you have vague ideas on that. However, once you have determined to go into that, you will need some recommendations. InstaBF, one of those services you can order likes, comments, views and followers for your IGTV or Instagram accounts any time of the day, will gladly present to your attention some critical aspects on the matter. So, let’s get started.



Preparations for Instagram Influencer Marketing


Before you get to contacting an Instagram influencer perforce, there are some points to pay special attention to. Here are them:


  • The influencer must be a good brand fit;


Once you have an influencer you consider collaborating with, go through their posts and then google search their name. Check if that influencer has been caught in any scandals that could affect your brand’s reputation.


  • The influencer must have a high engagement rate;


It’s also crucial to make certain the influencer has a high engagement rate. He/she might have plenty of followers, which might be not so interested in the posts made, though. With the help of certain scheduling tools, you can track an influencer’s engagement rate, his/her most active times during the day, most actively used hashtags, etc.


  • The influencer must have an audience that fits your brand’s demographics.


The last but not less important part is comparing the influencer’s demographics with yours. This requires some digging into details. To facilitate it, you can contact the influencer and ask for his/her media kit. As a rule, the latter includes a breakdown of their audience. If the person has no ready kit, you’d better avoid cooperating with him/her. Remember, that every self-respecting and professional Insta influencer has his kit ready for brands.



Influencer Marketing Insights


There are some truly awesome Instagram influencer insights that will interest you. Besides, they will drive you in the right direction in picking up the best influencer particularly for your brand’s promotions.

  • Around 70% of teens on Instagram (and they are the vast majority of Insta users) trust influencers more than celebrities;
  • The average count of Instagram influencer marketing revenue is $6.50 for every dollar spent;
  • More than half (around 57%) of beauty and fashion companies are engaged in Instagram influencer marketing.


So, most probably, you feel more confident about your upcoming Instagram influencer marketing campaign now. Therefore, it’s high time to map out it according to 2019’s demands. Here is what you should do.

Contact the Gram celebrity through their business email as that will look more professional. Be clear and brief not to arise any confusion. Scheme a contract that will ensure all the points are handled professionally.

The vast majority of influencers don’t accept gifts via the award of the collaboration. However, if your budget is limited or your brand is still new, you can offer free products and in exchange for exposure. If the influencer repels the offer, don’t insist, keep your dignity and choose another micro influencer (mega influencers won’t agree on gifts, anyway).